Melts in Your Mouth Not in Your Mitt

Yesterday was brutal. It started off badly when my motorcycle would not start and pretty much went downhill from there. When I got to work I arrived to find that the lights in the office didn’t work. At first I thought maybe we were celebrating another Earth Hour but then I realized no, the lights just didn’t work. The batteries on my wireless keyboard and mouse decided that if the lights didn’t have to work then they should not be required to work either. It was like every piece of technology in my life decided to go on strike. At first I didn’t understand what was going on but then after looking at the calendar I quickly figured it out. No Diamondbacks game, no high-tech; it was just that simple. Thankfully though all my geek gear got it out of its system and I was back to normal. Well, as normal as can be expected considering that I am a diehard Diamondbacks fan.

So I sat at my desk in a much better mood than I was just 24 hours. I booted my computer and checked the wireless keyboard and mouse to verify that they were properly working. After logging in I opened a browser and began my daily ritual of checking email and checking web sites to make sure I didn’t somehow miss something during the night. As I browsed the Major League Baseball site something caught my eye. There in the middle of the screen prominently featured was yet another advertisement. This one though was different. I had not seen it before and it caught my curiosity. I just had to click the link and see what exactly this thing was. The link opened a new window (I hate when links do that) and I found myself on the My M&Ms web site. First of all I didn’t even know there was a My M&Ms web site and secondly I was definitely not prepared for what I saw. Major League Baseball has teamed up with M&Ms to produce candy coated chocolate with the logos of your favorite team. How cool is that? I immediately jumped over to the Diamondbacks page to see what they looked like. There strung across the page were life-size M&Ms in White, Black, Sonoran Sand, and Sedona Red. They featured the “D” logo, the “A” logo, and the snake head sleeve patch. This was awesome! These are a lot cooler than the brown, yellow, lime green, tan, and orange ones. They almost looked too pretty to eat. I vowed at that moment that I definitely had to get me some of these. Just below the Diamondbacks M&Ms was more goodness. They were not only selling team candy but they also had what looked like an antique gumball machine adorned with the team logo that would dispense Diamondbacks M&Ms. Oh this was too good to be true. I immediately called Trina to tell her about my discovery. She seemed much less excited than I was and I wondered if maybe she just did not understand. She assured me that she heard me correctly the first time but that she didn’t see what the big deal was. She didn’t see what the big deal was? Is she crazy? There are Sedona Red and Sonoran Sand M&Ms and she doesn’t see what the big deal was? That is messed up. I explained that I just had to get some. After all, true fans only eat candy featuring the team’s colors and logo. She quickly lost interest as I was explaining the colors and logos to her and hung up before I could even get to the dispenser. That may have been a costly mistake on her part because I took that to mean I was ok buying some of this Diamondbacks goodness. Do you think 10 pounds of M&Ms and a dispenser is too much? What am I saying; you can never have too many Sedona Red M&Ms.

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