Slowing the Silver Slugger

Micah Owings is unbelievable. During Spring Training he looked like a boy who had lost his puppy. No matter what he seemed to throw it was getting pounded. At the plate he looked like a pitcher standing in the batter’s box. There were more than a few people who expressed concern at how this was playing out. With Randy Johnson scheduled to start the season on the disabled list everyone was nervous including me. I know we are always told that Spring Training is meaningless and that we should never read anything into those statistics but still when someone struggles to the extent that Owings did you just have to wonder what is going on. So when the season started and Owings came out throwing lights out and hitting like an all-star you had to just shake your head in amazement.

Through his first four games Owings is undefeated holding opposing batters to a .183 batting average. Considering the anemic offense of the San Diego Padres there was a lot of confidence that the Diamondbacks could be in line for their second consecutive win over the home team in as many nights. Things didn’t quite go as planned for the Diamondbacks though. Owings gave up 4 runs in the bottom of the second inning and followed that up by allowing another run in the bottom of the fourth. The Arizona Diamondbacks showed their resilience though scoring 2 runs in the third inning and another 2 runs in the fifth inning to cut the score to 4-5 favoring the Padres. Owings may have been struggling on the mound but quite the opposite was true at the plate. The reigning Silver Slugger award winner went 3-3 at the plate with an RBI and scoring 2 runs raising his batting average to .389. One of those hits was a double off Joe Thatcher in the fifth inning. Owings landed on second base weird and sprained his ankle forcing him from the game. The way Owings year is going, he may be the only one is able to stop himself. I’m not sure which I am more concerned with; can the Diamondbacks pitching staff take up the slack if the Micah is unable to make his next scheduled start or what will happen to the Diamondbacks offense if Owings is not in there every 5 days. Hopefully the injury is not as bad as first believed and he will be able to continue without causing any kind of long-term damage.

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