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Fry’s D-Backs Rewards Program

At the game last night I entered the stadium and begin walking towards section 112. Along the way I passed Guest Relations and stopped at the kiosk to swipe my Fry’s D-Backs Rewards card and my ticket. According to the people at the D-Backs Rewards booth behind section 139 I should be receiving 5 points for every game I attend this season. I can use these points along with those received by purchasing products at Frys and I can redeem...

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A Game About Nothing

I feel a little like Frank Costanza from Seinfeld today. Seinfeld was one of the few non-baseball shows that I actually watched. Each Thursday I would be entertained by a show about nothing. Mind you this was several years BT* (* – Before Tivo) so you actually had to be around to watch television when it was scheduled. Oh sure there were some people that owned a VCR but the majority of them suffered from Flash-a-noona that debilitating...

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Getting Out of My Funk

As the final notes of the “Diamondbacks just lost” music drifted through the stadium I began to gather up my scorebook and pack my seat cushion preparing to leave Chase Field. That old guy I sat near was right, this is depressing music. I really hate when they play that song. I can’t decide if I don’t like the tune or that I just don’t like the fact that the Diamondbacks have just lost the game. I’m beginning...

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Why Chase Field is Interesting

I seriously hate it when I am right, even partially right. As I figured, the Diamondbacks hitters struggled against Tim Lincecum and the Diamondbacks did lose but it was closer than the 5-1 score I had predicted. I guess I should feel good that it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. It was still pretty bad though. It did feel good to be back at Chase Field. Even the worst game played is better at the ballpark than the best game...

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Not So Comfortable

Mercifully the Diamondbacks road trip is now over and they return tonight to Chase Field. The team has only been gone for 8 days and 7 games; it just feels like it has been longer. The inconsistent offense and lack of production has been extremely painful to watch. I’m sure everyone is hoping that a return to Chase Field for 3 games against the National League West will be just what the doctor ordered to get the team back on its winning...

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A Day For Clearing the Air

Over the course of a season there are certain days when I just have a lot of things on my mind. Very few of them warrant an entire entry but they do seem to eat at me to the point that I need to write something about it. So today seemed like the perfect time for a potpourri of subjects to be covered in a single entry. Today marked the end of what seemed like the longest road trip in the universe. It’s only been a week since the...

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Maybe Micah Can Save Us

August 18, 2007 defined the season for Diamondbacks rookie Micah Owings. Prior to that game Micah was on-again-off-again on the mound and there were beginning to be rumblings that perhaps Owings was better suited as a long reliever rather than a starter. That night in Turner Field Micah put on a show that may never be seen again. On the mound he allowed 3 runs on 3 hits all of them home runs in 7 innings of work. He also struck out 7 Braves...

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Help Wanted: Must Have a Bat

Chase Field is the second highest stadium in Major League Baseball. The only playing surface at a higher altitude is Coors Field which sits at a mile above sea level. The altitude coupled with the good sight lines and warm temperatures make it a great hitter’s park. Despite the large expanse of outfield grass balls seem to carry well at Chase Field for more than its fair share of home runs and extra base hits. Unlike the Colorado Rockies,...

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Double-D Is Huge!

The last time we saw Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Doug Davis he was walking off the field after pitching 6 strong innings against the Los Angeles Dodgers. He had allowed just 2 runs on 6 hits and had struck out 7 batters. As he made his way to the dugout the crowd of 28,973 stood and gave Double-D a standing ovation. This was not your average start by a number four starter. This was a courageous start by a player who had been diagnosed with...

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