I have long been a proponent of attending a Diamondbacks baseball game in person. It is just so different from watching it on television or listening on the radio. Don’t get me wrong, I think the Diamondbacks announcers do an outstanding job. I’m especially a fan of Greg Schulte and have listened to many a broadcast both while at the ballpark as well as when the Diamondbacks are out of town. Still, you just can’t beat being at the park in person. Oh sure it’s not always perfect; there are times when Rally Sally escapes from her cage and moves around the upper deck into my sight line or in a moment of temporary insanity one of the cameramen will show her on the new dbTV high definition screen. This is usually met with screams from the fans followed by parents covering the eyes of their children to protect the youngsters’ retinas from being scarred for life Other than that potential health risk, I believe the experience at Chase Field far outweighs the other broadcast options for baseball fans. The best thing about going to a game in person is that you just don’t know what to expect. Yesterday was a prime example of this axiom.

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