Let me preface this with the acknowledgment that I take full responsibilities for what I am about to describe. I completely deserved this as it was me yesterday who doubted the greatness that is Brandon Webb. I was jaded into believing that the Colorado Rockies would actually show up to play last night when they put their hottest pitcher on the mound. It was me who questioned the character of the Diamondbacks team and who thought that they did not possess some super power over the National League West. Maybe I read too many articles that claimed the Diamondbacks were not as good as their record. Maybe the three game sweep by the Chicago Cubs somehow channeled thoughts back to 2004 when things looked great in April before the great Richie Sexon experiment derailed an entire season. Or maybe I got purple in my eye and was temporarily blinded. Whatever the reason was, I doubted the Diamondbacks and actually suggested that perhaps last night Brandon Webb would lose a game and therefore I deserved last night.

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