I have been looking forward to this game since April 19. It’s no secret that I am a huge bobble head fan. On my desk I have every bobble head the Diamondbacks have ever given away at a game. This of course drives Trina absolutely crazy as she it takes days to dust the top of my desk now. After a while she suggested that since I insisted to keeps these dust magnets on the top of my desk I would be responsible for dusting. I explained that I was cool with a little dust since baseball was by nature a game filled with dirt and dust. Trina refused to acknowledge that comment and instead insisted that I must dust each of these figures. She handed me a dust rag and went about cleaning the remainder of the house. I looked at all the bobble heads and at the dust cloth in my hand and knew for a fact this was not going to happen. I went to my computer supply closet and pulled out a couple cans of compressed air. I began blowing dirt off each bobble head and within a minute the entire living room had a low level dust cloud hovering over it. Before long my bobble heads were dust free. I was pretty proud of myself but Trina was less than impressed since the rest of the living room that she had just cleaned was now covered in a layer of redistributed dirt.

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