As the final notes of the “Diamondbacks just lost” music drifted through the stadium I began to gather up my scorebook and pack my seat cushion preparing to leave Chase Field. That old guy I sat near was right, this is depressing music. I really hate when they play that song. I can’t decide if I don’t like the tune or that I just don’t like the fact that the Diamondbacks have just lost the game. I’m beginning to think this music is some sort of psychology experiment similar to the one Ivan Pavlov executed on dogs where he would ring a bell then feed the dogs. After an extended period of time he could ring the bell and the dog would begin salivating thinking he was going to eat. Maybe after a decade of hearing this music I have just been conditioned to be depressed whenever it is playing. I can guarantee that this is one song I won’t be rushing home to find on iTunes.

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