I feel a little like Frank Costanza from Seinfeld today. Seinfeld was one of the few non-baseball shows that I actually watched. Each Thursday I would be entertained by a show about nothing. Mind you this was several years BT* (* – Before Tivo) so you actually had to be around to watch television when it was scheduled. Oh sure there were some people that owned a VCR but the majority of them suffered from Flash-a-noona that debilitating technical phenomena where your VCR continuously flashed the time of 12:00 with no idea what time or date it really was. Wow, I really feel dated. The next thing you know I will be telling everyone how I had to walk to school 5 miles in the snow battling grizzly bears with my spiral notebook and that when I was a kid gas was a quarter and for that price a guy would come out and pump your gas, wash your windows, fill your tires with air, and give you a free drinking glass if you bought 7 gallons or more.

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