A Mother of an Idea

It’s Mother’s Day! This realization struck me dead in the face along with the backside of Trina’s hand when I didn’t have an appropriate gift wrapped and sitting on the table when she got up. First off, I don’t know how many times I have to keep telling her; she is not my mother. Second, I didn’t forget it was Mother’s Day. I merely chose not to expose her to the unnecessary commercialization of such a revered holiday. I don’t know how many times we have had a similar discussion about Christmas and how the true meaning is lost. I figured she would appreciate me taking her side when it came to Mother’s Day. Um, yeah I guess I figured wrong. I therefore had very little time to react if I was going to somehow escape unscathed from this dilemma. Luckily for me Dakota was sick today so someone needed to stay home with him. By luckily I don’t mean “great news my kid is sick!” It’s more like “great news, a kid throwing up in the bathroom just bought me an hour to figure out what I am going to do about a Mother’s Day gift!” I had 60 minutes to come up with something and from the looks of Trina’s reaction it better be good.

Initially I thought, hey how about breakfast in bed? Then I realized Trina was mad enough as it is, I probably shouldn’t ask her if she can bring me breakfast while I sleep. I started to rack my brain trying to think if she had given me some kind of hint as to what she might want as a gift. I remember last week while we were at the Diamondbacks game she was talking. I knew I should have listened. But it’s not my fault. The Diamondbacks public address announcer was introducing the starting lineup and I needed to write it in my scorebook. I should not be held accountable for Trina’s poor planning. Yeah I am sure that excuse is going to go over very well. Clothing, I distinctly remember the word clothing coming up around the house. What was it she said? I remember her yelling at the kids to bring their dirty laundry downstairs. Wait, she is yelling that right now. No I am pretty sure I remember her saying she didn’t have something to wear with something else to go to some place. Ok, I really need to work on remembering details when it comes to listening to my wife. Clothing is good, I can definitely do something with that.

I rushed upstairs to see if I could come up with something. I went into the closet to see if I could assess what it was she was missing. I swear, all women’s clothes look alike and none of them seem even remotely practical. So maybe that was it, she didn’t have practical clothes. I looked at her side of the closet. There were dresses, skirts, slacks in a rainbow of colors, and tons of shirts of various styles and colors. I looked at my side of the closet and saw almost equal amounts of Sedona Red/Black and Purple/Teal. Wow, I didn’t realize I was at nearly a 50/50 split. That’s good; I am starting to embrace the Sedona Red hue. I looked back over at Trina’s side of the closet and the one color that was strikingly limited was Sedona Red. Oh, I bet that is what she said; she wishes she had more Diamondbacks shirts in Sedona Red. Well there’s something I can take care of. The problem was that there is no Diamondbacks game at Chase Field today so I was not sure the Team Shop would be open. Then I realized there was a Mother’s Day picnic being held at the stadium which I totally forgot about. I had planned on going to that and taking the kids. I thought it would be a nice break for Trina to have some time to herself while I was down at Chase Field watching the game in Chicago on dbTV. Sorry, I got sidetracked there for a second; back to the problem at hand. Trina desperately needed a Diamondbacks shirt and I didn’t have access to the Team Shop. Well I couldn’t let something as trivial as that stop me. I rushed into the bedroom and started digging through the pile of promotional giveaways I had gotten at the games so far this year. Yeah this is awesome. I started grabbing things and making a small gift basket. In it were such treasures as an Aquafina schedule magnet, a Micah Owings bobble head, a 10th Anniversary lapel pin, and probably the ultimate gift, a 10th Anniversary shirt. What woman would not want to get such a special gift? I dumped the fake fern plant out of the basket and artistically positioned these lovely gift items inside and put a bow on top. I didn’t have a greeting card but I did have a computer so a quick trip to hallmark.com to send an e-card and within 2 minutes I was done. I set my gift on the table and waited for Trina to return. The look on her face was priceless. I had clearly touched her as I saw a tear gently fall down her cheek. This is what Mother’s Day is all about, doing something special for the one that you love.

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