Cinco the Boat

What a heart breaking loss at yesterday’s game. It was such an awesome game and completely lived up to the billing of a pitcher’s duel. Dan Haren continues to prove why the Diamondbacks had targeted him as an acquisition last off-season. Likewise on the other side it was clear why it was so important for the Mets to go out and get Johan Santana. Augie Ojeda continued his dominance at the plate filling in admirably for Stephen Drew who was given the day off against the left-handed Santana. When the starters left the game it was a low scoring event with the Mets up 2-1. Although Haren had given up 2 runs he had allowed only 3 hits while striking out 7. That was definitely a quality start and no one could have expected much more. When the Diamondbacks tied the game in the seventh inning it looked for sure like this was going to be an extra inning game. But the wheels seemed to fall off in the ninth inning when a Conor Jackson error allowed the go ahead run to score and ultimately two more would cross the plate making it a 3-run loss. It was pretty hard to deal with losing like that.

I have to give credit to the Arizona Diamondbacks fans for how they behaved this weekend. Whenever the Mets come to town you know the stadium is going to be filled with passionate Mets fans. This series was no exception. Friday night I had two Mets fans sitting next to me and more in the seats behind me. They took every opportunity to give me grief about the Diamondbacks losing that game. It was a good natured ribbing and I didn’t mind. It was pretty funny when the young lady kept checking my scorebook to make sure that I recorded the proper hits for the Mets. She would ask if that is what another run looked like whenever a Mets player would score. I would say yes then I would show her what a strikeout looked like when the Mets swung through the pitch. Saturday was more of the same although the Mets fans seemed a little more subdued when they got beat 10-4. By yesterday’s game both sets of fans were in great form going after each other letting them know where their loyalties lay. Diamondbacks fans were dishing it out with the best of them until that ninth inning when the Mets scored 3 to win. I was a little disturbed to see that the Diamondbacks fans allowed the Mets fans to display pictures of Santana for each strikeout. I sincerely doubt that Mets fans would have allowed something similar for Dan Haren if they were playing at Shea Stadium. Still there were minimal fights in the stands and everyone seemed to be enjoying the games which is the most important thing.

So now that we got the Mets out of our system it is now time for a four game series with another National League East team. The Philadelphia Phillies come to town for a long series. Tonight’s game should be extra special since rookie Max Scherzer will be making his first major league start. He has a lot of pressure on him to try and duplicate the results of his first game when he came in relieving starter Edgar Gonzalez retiring all 13 batters he faced and recording 7 strikeouts. The Diamondbacks fans have been patiently waiting to collect a ThirstBuster which is given when Diamondbacks pitchers record 12 or more strikeouts in a game. We’ve had 16 games to get real thirsty and hopefully tonight we’ll finally get a nice cold drink. Of course nothing goes better with a ThirstBuster than a free chalupa from Taco Bell. So really we are not expecting much just a complete game shut out where Scherzer strikes out 12 while the Diamondbacks hitters light up Jamie “Methuselah” Moyer for 8 runs. Now that would be the perfect Cinco de Mayo gift.

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