Dog Days of May

I think every Diamondbacks fan at Chase Field last night collectively held their breath when Orlando Hudson motioned from second base for the trainer. It brought back memories from last September when he suffered a thumb injury ending his season. As he hobbled back to the dugout I had to wonder how serious his leg injury was and what it might mean. The Diamondbacks had gotten off to such a great start thanks in no small part to the defensive skills of the O-Dog. Not to take anything away from his hitting but Hudson’s defense is just amazing to watch. I was just a little curious as to who Bob Melvin would go to as a replacement for Orlando. I was slightly surprised to see Augie Ojeda’s name on the line-up board. I kind of expected to see Chris Burke take over consider he had been described as the second baseman of the future during his tenure with the Houston Astros. But I guess it makes sense that you replace one dog with another. The question was, what do you lose when O-Dog is replaced by Augie Doggie?

If today’s game is any indication, you don’t lose much. You had to love the Diamondbacks chances with Brandon Webb on the mound. Even with the Mets having won 14 out of the last 15 games at Chase Field it didn’t seem to matter because we had Webb and his 6-0 record going. But Brandon Webb will never be confused with Micah Owings at the plate so no matter how well he pitched the Diamondbacks would still need some offense if they were going to be Mike Pelfrey and the Mets. We’ve come to expect the offense to come from players such as Conor Jackson, Justin Upton, or Mark Reynolds. What I don’t think anyone expected was for Augie Doggie to make the most of his opportunity to start by driving in 6 runs and going 3-for-4 to raise his batting average to .364. For the most part the game was fairly close and it looked as though it would be a 1-run game going into the ninth. And well it would have if it were not for Auggie. He was the difference maker. Without Ojeda’s 6 runs batted in this would have been a tie game. Of course you could argue that it would not even be that as the hits that Ojeda had were timely swinging momentum clearly to the home team. It was a performance that rated right up there with Micah Owings home run on Wednesday. It just goes to show the kind of depth that the Diamondbacks have on their roster. It’s kind of scary to think about how many different weapons Bob Melvin has at his disposal.

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