Fry’s D-Backs Rewards Program

At the game last night I entered the stadium and begin walking towards section 112. Along the way I passed Guest Relations and stopped at the kiosk to swipe my Fry’s D-Backs Rewards card and my ticket. According to the people at the D-Backs Rewards booth behind section 139 I should be receiving 5 points for every game I attend this season. I can use these points along with those received by purchasing products at Frys and I can redeem them for valuable prizes. Personally I don’t think that I am getting credit for attending any games. This is more of an exercise and dexterity maneuver to see if I can walk, swipe, and retrieve a coupon. The reason I question the program is the fact that when I swipe my card the screen says “Welcome Diamondbacks Fan” rather than my name. Secondly, I went out and looked on the Frys web site at my account and it shows that I have 180 points total. Considering that I have been to 32 games this season plus shop at Frys exclusively for groceries that point total is way out of whack. The other issue I have with this program is that you are only rewarded for one person attending the game. We have 2 tickets that we use at every game yet we are only credited with 1 seat being filled since you cannot swipe 2 tickets on a Fry’s D-Backs Rewards card. It’s one of the hokier programs I’ve ever seen. I miss the old Diamondbackers program the team used to have. At least then I felt like I was rewarded for attending all of the games. The prizes offered by Frys are not bad, I would LOVE to get the autographed team ball but it is completely impossible since they have only 1 of those prizes and it is valued at 1,000 points. If I attend all 81 home games I am still lacking 595 points and it does not appear as though I can buy enough cookies, water, and crackers to accumulate that many points. So for now I will just have to be content in getting the daily coupons to save a little at the concession stands. The coupon I got last night had an extra tidbit of information that was valuable.

If you ask Trina what was the greatest thing she ever got on a Fry’s D-Backs Rewards coupon she will probably tell you it was the first week of the season when she got a one that gave her 10 percent off her next purchase of produce. Dakota will tell you the best one we ever got was money off a hot dog at the ballpark that allowed him to try a Big Dawg. Whitney is still boycotting Chase Field and refuses to talk about the Diamondbacks since they got rid of Blimpie and they do not sell chap stick at the team shop. Tiffany is there for the game so she really doesn’t care about what the stupid coupons say. I’m only in this for the points to try and get an autographed team ball so I usually just get the coupon and stick it in the bag without ever reading it. For some reason I looked at this particular coupon. On it was the standard get money off something at DoubleHeaders and a reminder of the Roger Clyne concert coming up on June 14 after the game. Then there was the note that said that Diamondbacks outfielder Justin Upton would be appearing at Fry’s Marketplace in Tempe on May 31. Well it just so happens that this is the exact store that Trina usually drags me to when we need groceries. This is perfect! I can go to the grocery store with Trina then Dakota and I can go over and see Justin Upton. Since I have absolutely no chance of getting the autographed team ball from the D-Backs Rewards program; Dakota and I decided to try and create our own team ball. So far we have about 5 signatures and none of them are starters for the Diamondbacks so we have a long way to go. It would be a major coup if we could get Justin Upton to sign the ball. This was definitely looking up.

This morning I was up early and ready for the day. Starting at 8:00 AM I began asking Trina when we were going to the grocery store. This is not a normal question Trina gets from me so she should have known something was up. I showed her the coupon I had gotten the previous night and she immediately understood.

We made our way to the grocery store and were there an hour before Justin was scheduled to arrive. In the back of the store they had set up a Pepsi display along with a table where Mr. Upton would be sitting. Dakota and I rushed back to the back to get a spot in line. There were already about 40 people ahead of us but we were well within the first 300 people that they said would get an autograph. Things were looking pretty good. Dakota took out his baseball and we again tried to decipher who the players were that had signed the ball. As we were looking at the ball a member of the Diamondbacks staff came by and announced that the only things that would be signed today were pictures provided by the Diamondbacks. No bats, jerseys, bases, helmets, flags, balls or any other item would be signed. As quickly as that our hopes were dashed and the joy was replaced with apathy. I nearly walked out but the fact was, if I left the line I would be subjected to pushing the shopping cart for Trina and even an autographed picture was better than that.

Dakota and I stood in line waiting. About 5 minutes before Justin arrived our day took an even darker turn. Appearing through the door was none other than Rally Sally. She walked in like she owned the place. Everyone turned to look at her and the whispers began as people spoke in hushed tones and pointed in her direction. Rally Sally and I are very similar to how Jerry Seinfeld and Newman were. I looked at Dakota who just shook his head. Of all the grocery stores in all the world, why did she have to walk into mine? It was bad enough that she was there at the same time as I was but she also brought her collection of flags. Does this woman carry those flags with her everywhere? I suddenly had this frightening vision of coming around the corner looking for a box of Rice-a-Roni and finding Rally Sally standing in the aisle dancing and waving her flags as the Muzak played in the store. I wondered what size can of stewed tomatoes it would take to put her out of her (and my) misery. Although I hated the fact that we were not going to get our ball signed at least I was comforted by the fact that Rally Sally would not be getting Justin Upton to sign her stupid flag. You know it’s bad enough that I have to deal with her being on dbTV prancing around but I thought I would lose my breakfast when people standing in line left the line to go and talk to her and to take her picture. What the heck? What kind of society do we live in when someone like Rally Sally can upstage Justin Upton? It could not get any more weird if a zebra wearing a ballerina tutu came into the store riding a bicycle.

We stood in line and were able to meet Justin Upton. He seems like a very nice kid. I can say kid because I have children older than he is. We wished him the best and Dakota was polite not asking him why all of a sudden he was not able to swing at strikes on the outside half of the plate. We left before Rally Sally made it to the front of the line. I didn’t want to see the spectacle of her and Justin Upton together. I also didn’t want to know if she somehow got her flag signed. I was busy looking for cans of stewed tomatoes just in case I had a close encounter of the Rally Sally kind.

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