Rock-tober is Over

Before the season started I looked over the schedule and this was the stretch I was most worried about. Over the course of two weeks the Diamondbacks would face the New York Mets, the Philadelphia Phillies, the Chicago Cubs, the Colorado Rockies, and the Detroit Tigers. That is 17 games against teams who had been predicted to be strong play-off contenders when the season started. That is also a stretch of 17 games with only 1 off day early in the season. Who could have guessed that the Tigers and Mets would have struggled starting the year (you wouldn’t have guessed the Mets were struggling the way they played at Chase Field this month)? And who could have imagined how badly the Colorado Rockies would look after 5 weeks of the season? So after a brief three-game road trip to Chicago where the Diamondbacks were swept, what would be better than hosting the Colorado Rockies for three at Chase Field?

For some unexplainable reason the Diamondbacks seem to own most of the National League Western Division foes over the first month of the season, none more so than the Colorado Rockies. Going into tonight’s game the Diamondbacks hold a 5-1 advantage over their NL West rivals. What is even more incredible is the way the Diamondbacks have beaten the Rockies. They have done it in classic Colorado fashion pummeling the ball and beating their opponent into submission. So while the Rockies may be excited to have their ace on the mound tonight the Diamondbacks had to be even more excited. Jeff Francis is 0-3 to begin this year and the Diamondbacks account for 2 of those 3 losses. As the game began tonight I happened to make that comment to my daughter Tiffany who was accompanying me to the game. I had no more than stated that fact then the Diamondbacks scored 3 runs in the first. They followed that up with 3 more runs in the second and I was beginning to wonder if they were going to continue that trend and we would see them score 24 runs in 8 innings. That of course didn’t happen but the offense was strong enough to hold off a brief charge by the Rockies and put up 8 runs earning everyone at Chase Field another free chalupa. Taco Bell has to be rethinking the whole Diamondbacks score 8 runs and all fans get a chalupa promotion. Last year it wasn’t so bad, they handed out a few chalupa coupons but not too many. This year I have already gotten 40 coupons and I am beginning to speak Spanish fluently; “Uno chalupa por favor!” The Diamondbacks once again chased Jeff Francis out of the game in just 4 innings of work handing him his fourth loss of the season. I cannot explain how great it feels stomping the Rockies and looking out and not seeing the “great Troy Tulowitzki” standing at short. This may not be baseball heaven but you can definitely see it from here. Next up the Rockies get to see Micah Owings, the Diamondbacks own Iron Man then Brandon Webb. I’m thinking it might be time to flip the page to the calendar. Rock-tober has definitely ended.

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