Taking a Day Off

Usually I balk at the thoughts of having a day without Diamondbacks baseball during the regular season. It is not that I don’t think the players deserve a day off; it is just that it is extremely painful not to have a Diamondbacks game to watch. I feel as though a piece of me is missing and I end up wandering around aimlessly as if I have nothing to do. Oh sure I could be updating Now Hitting and I could even use this time to rearrange the entries on Diary of a Diehard but it’s just not the same as going to a game. I guess the pain of a long off-season is just too difficult to be reminded of this early in the season. Today though was slightly different. I didn’t mind so much that the Diamondbacks had the day off.

Maybe this was a result of having just had to endure a three game sweep at the hands of the Chicago Cubs. Its funny how many Cubs fans came out of the woodwork after this series to let me know what they thought of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Where were these guys in October when the Diamondbacks played the Cubs during the Divisional play-offs? Oh I forgot they are bears. They go into hibernation well before the post-season. But they got their sweet revenge by sweeping Arizona just to remind us how it feels to be swept. I can’t say I blame them for rubbing it in. I did a lot of the same when the Diamondbacks begun the year taking three from the Colorado Rockies ruining their festivities of unveiling the National League pennant. Still, I am glad the series with the Cubs is over or should I say I am glad the beatings have subsided.

As good as the Diamondbacks have looked this season, this series with the Cubs they looked as bad as I have ever seen. The bats seemed to stay locked up in Chase Field rather than travel to the friendly confines of Wrigley Field. And to watch the fans in the stands especially during the final game of the series made you grateful that we have Chase Field and it’s retractable roof. Here were fans who were enduring temperatures in the low 40’s with winds coming off Lake Michigan that had to feel like the temperature was nearing the teens. And yet in Arizona we have fans who complain when the temperature is in the low 80’s and the sun shines on them. It just goes to show how spoiled fans in Arizona have it. We complain because we didn’t make it to the World Series last year even though the Diamondbacks were clearly were the superior team. We forget that it has been 99 years since the Cubs last won a championship and this year would mark the 63rd year since the Cubs were last in the World Series at all. So let them have their time in the sun, fate and a goat curse will get them soon enough.

No today the Diamondbacks need a day off in the worst way. The bullpen needs a day to regroup and try to right the blip that occurred in Chicago. The starting pitchers need a day off to get rested before a stretch that sees them face the Rockies and the Detroit Tigers, two powerful offensive teams. The position players need a day to heal hamstrings, quads, and shoulders to get ready for the beginning of Interleague play. And I guess I need a day to reflect on what a great first month it has been and to get ready for what lies ahead in May.

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