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Homeward Bound

I remember graduating from high school and going to college. I packed up all of my most important belongings and throwing them into the back of the car I headed off to my new life. College was great and I had a blast but there was something comforting knowing that if things got really bad I could always go home and be surrounded by a support structure that would never let you down. After college I got married and began a family of my own. Trina...

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Even Steven and Other Fallacies

One of my favorite television shows of all-time right behind any Major League Baseball game would have to be Seinfeld. For some odd reason I related to a show about nothing. I am not sure what that says about my personality. One of the episodes had Jerry Seinfeld coming to the realization that he was “Even Steven”. No matter what happened in his life, it all balanced out. If he had one friend who was having success he would have...

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Half Empty or Half Full

The conclusion of today’s game marked the halfway point to the 2008 season for the Arizona Diamondbacks. They have now played 81 games of the 162-game season. Early on we were told that the season was a grind, a marathon, and we should not jump to any judgments (good or bad) about this team. We didn’t have enough data to make a determination of what kind of team the 2008 Diamondbacks were going to be. When the team began to falter...

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I Don’t Like Fish

Typically the Major League Baseball schedule is set up so that each team plays non-divisional opponents one series at home and one series on the road. In the National League two teams will play each other for one additional series due to the fact that there are two more NL teams than there are in the American League meaning that there is one series that features only National League franchises while the rest of baseball is involved in...

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What Might Have Been

At the amateur draft earlier this month the New York Yankees selected pitcher Pat Venditte from Creighton in the 20th round. This is the second consecutive season that the Yankees have drafted him. I had heard of Venditte before and I was kind of hoping that the Arizona Diamondbacks might take a flier on him and draft him. Venditte is one of those pitchers that I would pay to see throw if for no other reason than to tell people I was there to...

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A Bunch of Knuckleheads

Game three of the Boston Red Sox series was one for the ages or should I say one for the aged. This game featured 44 year-old Randy Johnson against 41 year-old Tim Wakefield. This was not just a game between two of the elderly statesman of the mound. It was a contrast of styles. Randy Johnson throughout his career has been known as a power pitcher. He would routinely lead the league in strikeouts blowing people away with his 98 miles per hour...

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It’s Duck Season, It’s Qualls Season

The Diamondbacks have really been scuffling as of late and it has mostly been as a result of poor offensive production by the entire line-up. Going into this series with the Boston Red Sox I was really dreading even watching the games. The Red Sox are in first place in the American League East and have one of the most potent offenses in the game. Their pitching staff has also been nearly unbeatable which is bad when you are hitting but when you...

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Road Rage

It’s been an interesting year around Major League Baseball, especially the National League. Most of the teams have had a fairly decent home record showing that at least through the first half home field advantage does exist in baseball. Of course everyone having a good home record means that the road records are going to suffer and suffer they do. Going into this weekend only a handful of teams had a record above .500 and the Arizona...

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Opportunities Lost

One of the things we were told before the season started is that this team could not sustain an extended losing streak. With the pitching staff that had been assembled it was highly doubtful that the team would not have one of its aces be able to right the ship so to speak. The Diamondbacks didn’t just have an ace on their staff; they actually had co-aces in Brandon Webb and Dan Haren who could stop the bleeding. Even if the schedule...

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