It was just over a month ago that we last saw the New York Mets who rode into Chase Field as one of the favorites to win the National League East. During that three game weekend series the Mets as usual beat up pretty good on the Diamondbacks winning 2 of the 3 games and outscoring Arizona 17-14. The overall score is skewed by the fact that Arizona scored 10 runs in their 1 win. The other two games they were only able to squeak out 2 runs per game. Basically, the Mets owned the Diamondbacks as they have for several years. I remember thinking at the time that I wished the Diamondbacks were done with the Mets this season as I just could not deal with much more of a beating. Here we are now with the snakes limping into town on a 2-5 road trip so far. Micah Owings scheduled to pitch game 1 of the final regular season series they will ever play at Shea Stadium. I had my fingers crossed that their luck might have changed.

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