One of the great things about Father’s Day is that it happens right in the middle of the baseball season. And this year not only are the Diamondbacks playing but they are playing at Chase Field. So when Trina and the kids asked me what I wanted to do to celebrate I thought it was one of those rhetorical questions. From the looks on their faces, I think the kids thought Trina was kidding too when she asked. Maybe this was one of those tests that they give you to determine your level of sanity. I believe that if I would have answered in any way other than “go to Chase Field and watch the Diamondbacks”, I probably would have been committed to some sort of home for the helplessly insane (I think some people call that Tropicana Field). So it was pretty much settled that I would like to go to a game. Straws were drawn to determine who would have to accompany me. Seriously, can you believe that? I have come to the conclusion that it is not that they are not baseball fans. Quite the contrary, each of them loves the game. I think the issue is that they have to go to the game with their dad. There is not a whole lot more humbling than to hear your kids try to talk each other into someone else going to the game with dad. I’m not exactly sure what I did to deserve that; ok maybe I do know but I promised not to write about it.

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