For the past two weeks Trina and the kids have dropped subtle hints to me in hopes of jogging my memory and minimizing the chance that I will do something stupid. At times I have to wonder if they think I am some kind of complete idiot or something. This all started around the first of June. I got a call from our oldest daughter Ashley that wanted to remind me that June 18 would soon be here. Well I am pretty good at math so I quickly calculated that it would arrive in approximately 18 days. Ashley ignored my smart aleck comment and went on to ask if I knew the significance of that day. Of course I did, the Arizona Diamondbacks were playing the Oakland Athletics and if things continued to go as planned that would either be the game that Brandon Webb or Dan Haren would pitch. That was not exactly what she was referring to. Oh yeah, it is also D-Bingo night I added. I could sense the frustration in her voice as she explained that there was something else happening that day, something really important.

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