Diamondbacks Baseball, the Breakfast of Champions

Monday is probably one of the least appreciated days of the week. No one looks forward to Monday. Well I can’t say that, I think barbers like it. They must like Monday since they are closed every week on that day. Then again maybe the opposite is true. Maybe barbers hate Monday so bad that they refuse to even acknowledge its existence. That is an interesting question and one that will probably plague me until my next hair cut. It’s funny and slightly scary how quickly I can derail a post. This has to be a record; I was able to completely lose my train of thought in just 3 short sentences. Hold on; let me try to get back to where I was going with this. Oh yeah; I remember now. Monday is typically not a day that I look forward to. It usually signifies the end of the weekend and the beginning of yet another week of working for the man. There is very little to look forward to on Monday; especially this Monday. The Diamondbacks are still out of town so there isn’t even a game to go to. This Monday was looking to be one of the bleakest ones on record. Then I came to a realization.

Although the Diamondbacks are out of town, that doesn’t mean they are not still playing. Today is the final game of a four game series against the Pittsburgh Pirates. A win today would give them a series win and make it possible to end the road trip with a winning record (assuming they play well against the New York Mets). The Diamondbacks would be sending Randy Johnson to the mound to try and get his 289th win of his career. All things considered, this looked like a great opportunity for Randy and the Diamondbacks. What makes things even better is the fact that the game has a 9:35 AM Arizona game time. There is nothing quite like breakfast with the Diamondbacks. Whether it is a bowl of Lucky Charms or a package of Pop Tarts; they both go well with Diamondbacks baseball. There is only one problem with this; I have to work. What kind of idiot would go into the office instead of staying home watching a baseball game in his pajamas and his Goofy slippers? Sheepishly I have to admit I am that idiot. So instead of getting a reprieve from the baseball gods I am here to curse Monday and the pain that it brings.

Obviously I am not the only one that has an issue with this either. As I tuned into MLB.com and watched GameDay as it described the game I couldn’t help but think that the Diamondbacks players weren’t too thrilled to be playing on a Monday morning either. I don’t know how else to explain the lack of offense that plagued the team. Based upon that statement; the Diamondbacks have been playing on a perpetual Monday since the middle of May. Randy pitched well through the first 5 innings before running into trouble in the sixth. That was not the problem with this game though. The issue once again was sound defense. It’s never a good thing when you have as many errors as you have runs. That is a universal truth regardless of whether the Diamondbacks score 10 runs or no runs. The frustrating part is that it doesn’t appear to be any one individual that is a defensive liability. Instead the Diamondbacks like to spread it around. Today for example the three errors were Randy Johnson, Miguel Montero, and Mark Reynolds. In days past other members of the infield and outfield chimed in with mis-queues. In order to be successful and be a play-off caliber team this trend needs to be turned around quickly.

One of the most entertaining parts of today’s game occurred with Pirates first baseman Doug Mientkiewicz deciding to step out of the batter’s box while Randy Johnson was in his wind-up. The Big Unit did not appreciate him stepping out and let Mientkiewicz know. This discussion became rather heated. The result was both benches clearing and meeting in front of the plate to talk things over. Order was restored and no punches were thrown. Both players chalked this up to the heat of the moment and being competitive. While I don’t condone fighting, it might not have been a bad thing to get into a lively ruckus. This team needs a kick in the butt and that might have been a way to do it to get them all on the same page. In the end my breakfast was ruined with the Diamondbacks losing 5-3 earning a split with the Pirates. That is not nearly good enough. Hopefully things will get better in New York.

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