Floppy Hats, Music Fans, and a Couple of Royals

I went into this game somewhat enthusiastic. After a ten inning win last night on Friday the 13th this was going to be a good series right? I mean if you can beat the bad luck of Friday the 13th then the rest of a series against the last place Kansas City Royals should be a cake walk. Yeah I think General George Custer used a similar thought process at Little Big Horn and we saw how that turned out. Looking back over this day and this game I should have anticipated that things may not go quite according to plan.

Today’s game was filled with a lot of weirdness and very little of it had to actually do with the game. To start with, today’s game was the second in the summer concert series. Some of you may remember the whole Trace Adkins fiasco where Chase Field was inundated with large numbers of cowgirls who knew a little about baseball and a lot about the Celebrity Apprentice and country music. It was a strange game and one I was not nearly prepared for. So when the Diamondbacks announced there would be another concert I had to cringe. When the Diamondbacks announced that you could get free tickets to the game and after-game concert by purchasing an 18-pack of beer I really cringed. You never quite know what to expect from a concert whose prime demographic is to people who consume large amounts of beer. I will be the first to admit I am not the most musically gifted person out there. I don’t really follow the music industry and therefore when these concerts are announced I usually have no clue who these people are. I’m at Chase Field to watch a baseball game, what happens after the game usually has very little bearing on whether I will go to the game. I have a very simple mantra; if the Diamondbacks are playing I am at Chase Field. If the Diamondbacks are not playing, I wish I were at Chase Field watching the Diamondbacks. Tonight’s concert would feature Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers. I can sum up what I know about Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers in one song, D-Backs Swing. I love that song; mostly because they play it after every Diamondbacks win. I think I am becoming programmed like one of Pavlov’s dogs. I have begun to equate that song to success. I am not aware that Roger Clyne or any of the Peacemakers have been on a “reality show” so this concert will be based strictly on music and I just wasn’t sure he was a big enough name to bring people to the ballpark. That theory was quickly discounted when the attendance was announced at 44,615 against the Kansas City Royals! I was thinking we would be lucky to see 26,000 there. Obviously I underestimated the draw of Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers.

It wasn’t just the concert though; there was another draw to today’s game that was not baseball related per se. The stadium giveaway for today’s game was a reversible floppy hat. I cannot explain the draw to the floppy hat but is always one of the more popular hand outs. Tonight they were giving out 25,000 of the hats to fans as they arrived at the stadium. As soon as you entered through the turnstiles you were confronted with people wearing these hats. I was not one of those wearing it though. I think you have to be a certain body type and personality to pull off the floppy hat. There are not a lot of people that can wear this particular hat without looking like a complete dweeb. I am definitely one of those guys. If I put on a floppy hat I look like a tall lamp; not exactly the image I want to portray. As I walked around the concourse I was impressed with the fans ability to adapt the floppy hat. Some wore it with the bill up all around looking like they just escaped from Sedona Red Gilligan’s Island. Others wore the hat with the back flipped up but the front flipped down. These people could have just left the set to High School Musical 2 and fit right in. Then there was the one rather large lady who wore the bill flipped up in the front and down in the back. She looked like she had just run into the sliding glass patio door not realizing it was not open. I have to admit, floppy hat day can be quite entertaining.

This is why today was probably the perfect day to give them out. Considering that the Diamondbacks were completely dismantled by the Kansas City Royals losing 12-3 the fans needed any form of comic relief they could find otherwise it was going to get ugly. The pitching uncharacteristically fell apart followed closely by another game of shoddy defense. Overall it was a nightmare and one I just want to forget.

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