Homeward Bound

I remember graduating from high school and going to college. I packed up all of my most important belongings and throwing them into the back of the car I headed off to my new life. College was great and I had a blast but there was something comforting knowing that if things got really bad I could always go home and be surrounded by a support structure that would never let you down. After college I got married and began a family of my own. Trina and I have tried to create a nurturing environment so that our kids felt safe at home just like we did when we were growing up. Now the kids are getting to the age that they too are beginning to leave the nest and forge out on their own. Ashley is now married and Mallorie is on the downward side of college. Tiffany is just getting ready to start her college career. Whitney is beginning high school and little Dakota is now in middle school. Regardless of how old they are all getting or how independent they have become they still look home to make everything right.

The Arizona Diamondbacks have been gone for ten days. It only seems like it has been ten years. Being away from home has not been a great experience for them or for me. They started off falling flat in Minnesota getting swept. They then had a little success in Boston only to get smacked around for the other two games. The Diamondbacks moved on to Florida and were again abused coming away with only one win. A 9 game road trip saw them accumulate a 2-7 record. That is not exactly setting the world on fire. So during these times of trial they are coming home to try and regroup and reset their lives to start again.

The thing about coming home is that things are always different than before you left. In your mind you think that once you leave that time stands still and you just expect it to be the same when you get back. It doesn’t happen that way. Life moves forward and people at home have their own lives their own expectations. Sometimes those expectations clash with those coming home. That’s always a little disappointing. You’re coming home because you feel comfort there. You didn’t come back to try and figure out how you fit in. You just want things to be better. You want your loved ones to show compassion and be understanding of how difficult your life has become. Sometimes your family sees things differently than you do. It is that objective voice that somehow resonates and helps you to understand what is happened that your life feels out of control. So when they don’t necessarily agree with you that doesn’t mean they don’t love you. It just means that perhaps it is not time to feel sorry for yourself. Instead pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back in the game. Those that love you will continue to do so regardless of whether you are successful or are failing. Sure they may not understand completely what you are going through but they do know your potential and will always expect you to live up to your potential. So don’t take their harsh words to heart, but rather take it as constructive criticism that will help you to become what they know you are capable of being.

This advice works equally well whether we’re talking about children or baseball teams. There may be some that boo from the stands or say hurtful things but they do it because they care. When they stop caring and quite offering you advice is when you should worry.

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