How to Spend an Anniversary

For the past two weeks Trina and the kids have dropped subtle hints to me in hopes of jogging my memory and minimizing the chance that I will do something stupid. At times I have to wonder if they think I am some kind of complete idiot or something. This all started around the first of June. I got a call from our oldest daughter Ashley that wanted to remind me that June 18 would soon be here. Well I am pretty good at math so I quickly calculated that it would arrive in approximately 18 days. Ashley ignored my smart aleck comment and went on to ask if I knew the significance of that day. Of course I did, the Arizona Diamondbacks were playing the Oakland Athletics and if things continued to go as planned that would either be the game that Brandon Webb or Dan Haren would pitch. That was not exactly what she was referring to. Oh yeah, it is also D-Bingo night I added. I could sense the frustration in her voice as she explained that there was something else happening that day, something really important.

I quickly looked over my calendar. No, it was not time for season ticket renewal; that would not start until next month. It was too early for post season ticket reservations. I meant it was not even the All-Star break yet. It wasn’t the ending of All-Star voting, that didn’t happen until June 19. “Dad, it’s not baseball related” she added. She was obviously contradicting herself. First she said it was important now she is saying it has nothing to do with baseball; which is it? Finally exasperated she said, “Dad, it’s your anniversary don’t forget it.” Then she hung up.

My anniversary, oh crap I nearly forgot. I still cannot figure out how in the world Trina talked me into getting married in the middle of baseball season. What the heck was I thinking? Oh yeah I remember, I picked the date and at the time I was living in Idaho which doesn’t have a professional team. It is times like this that I wish I had a time machine so that I could go back in time and tell my past self what kind of trouble it would cause to future self if I got married between April and October. Blast those scientists, why can’t time travel be possible!

I seem to have a small dilemma on my hands. My anniversary happened to fall right in the middle of the series against the Oakland Athletics. Well there was only one thing to do; I went in to talk to Trina to find out what she wanted to do for her anniversary. Trina was pretty easy about her answer. “I just want to spend time together and maybe do something special.” Well this is perfect! What is more special than a Diamondbacks game? I mean she did say she wanted to do something special and she did say she wanted to be together. I think it is important that couples be together for their anniversary. So if she wanted us to be together; that left only one place where we could go, Chase Field. I figured the problem was solved and I quit worrying about it.

About a week later I get a phone call from my daughter Mallorie who called to remind me that my anniversary was quickly approaching and to make sure I had not forgot. I explained that I already took care of things. I was going to take mom to the Diamondbacks game. Mallorie came completely unglued. Obviously she doesn’t know her mother as well as I do. After all Trina said she wanted to go somewhere special and be together. Mallorie countered that my idea of “special” and Trina’s idea of “special” were different. After a long discussion Mallorie hung up. I decided perhaps I better go back and talk to Trina again.

I approached Trina and again asked what she wanted to do for her anniversary. She again related how she wanted to spend it together and do something special. After discussions with both Ashley and Mallorie I decided maybe I should run my plans by Trina just to make sure we were on the same page. I began by telling her about D-Bingo and how we had the opportunity to win valuable prizes and how entertaining this series would be given the trade between the Diamondbacks and Athletics last December. I noticed part way through the description that Trina’s body language changed and she didn’t seem nearly as excited about this as I was. By the end she almost looked irritated. I knew I might be in trouble when the first words of her reply were, “if you loved me you would not make me go to a baseball game on our anniversary.” My response of “if you loved me you wouldn’t make me spend our anniversary at the game alone” didn’t seem to make much of a difference. I began making the case of why Chase Field was the perfect “special” place to spend our 27th anniversary. I think she realized that her choice was basically go to the game and be together or spend the game, I mean our anniversary, at home alone. She relented and agreed to go to the game on one condition; she wanted to have dinner somewhere nice. Again, this was perfect for me. What could possibly be nicer than a Hungry Hill Sausage? Before I could even open my mouth Trina interjected, “and I don’t mean a polish sausage either”. Ouch, that one hurt. I definitely had a dilemma here. I needed a plan otherwise I was going to miss batting practice. I jumped into email and began firing off messages. Within hours I had a solution, one I am pretty proud of. After some begging and pleading I was able to score a couple of passes to the Lexus Club on the Diamond level of Chase Field. That is an awesome place to eat. Trina is going to be so impressed that I was able to get us into there. It works out great for me too because we can sit on the balcony and I can still watch batting practice; I mean I can spend quality time with my wife. That’s not all, after dinner I am going to take her to the team shop and let her pick out anything she wants for a present. I’m really hoping that she will have that same idea because I would really love to get an Authentic Tenth Anniversary Jersey in Sedona Red Size 44. That would be the most awesome gift a wife could give. I’m feeling pretty good about this whole evening. Who knows, maybe I’ll even get Trina on dbTV on the kiss cam. I’m just hoping that they have greeting cards at the team shop. If not, I might just have to write “I Love You” on the back of a D-Bingo card. I can’t believe my kids were worried. They should know by now that their dad has all the bases covered when it comes to special occasions.

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