I Don’t Like Fish

Typically the Major League Baseball schedule is set up so that each team plays non-divisional opponents one series at home and one series on the road. In the National League two teams will play each other for one additional series due to the fact that there are two more NL teams than there are in the American League meaning that there is one series that features only National League franchises while the rest of baseball is involved in Interleague play. It just so happens that this impacts the Arizona Diamondbacks this season. While every other team is playing against the American League, the D-Backs will begin a series with the Florida Marlins at Dolphin Stadium/Pro Player/Joe Robbe Stadium/”That Ugly Football Monstrosity” Stadium. This is the second time the Diamondbacks have made the trip to Miami. This is the first time in franchise history that the Diamondbacks have played the Marlins at their home twice in the same season.

The first trip for Arizona occurred May 20-22 and didn’t work out too well for Arizona. In that series they were swept by the Marlins and were outscored 10-3 in the series. Hopefully this series would turn out a little better for the visiting team. The Marlins had amassed a 4-game losing streak prior to the beginning of this series and the Diamondbacks were coming off a tough series with the World Champion Boston Red Sox where they should have won 2 of 3 had it not been for the Chad Qualls meltdown. This was the series where the Diamondbacks would begin to revert to the dominate team we saw during April not the soft team we saw in May and June; I could just feel it.

Tonight the Diamondbacks would send Micah Owings to the mound and between his bat and his arm we should win. The game started well enough when Arizona scored in the top of the first inning on a Stephen Drew sacrifice fly. The problem was that was the only run the Diamondbacks would score. Once again the Diamondbacks hitters made the opposing pitcher look like the leading candidate for a Cy Young award. Tonight’s recipient was Ricky Nolasco who held the Diamondbacks to 6 hits and struck out 9 Arizona hitters. Micah Owings pitched a decent game allowing only 4 hits. Unfortunately two of those hits were the extra base variety including a home run. In 4 innings Owings gave up 3 runs before leaving the game with an injury to his right quadriceps muscle. It’s unclear whether this injury will cause Micah to miss his next start.

So far the Diamondbacks have played the Marlins 4 times this year and they are 0-4. I was always under the impression that Fridays were the day you were supposed to devour fish but in this case just the opposite has happened. I really am beginning to hate fish.

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