Opportunities Lost

One of the things we were told before the season started is that this team could not sustain an extended losing streak. With the pitching staff that had been assembled it was highly doubtful that the team would not have one of its aces be able to right the ship so to speak. The Diamondbacks didn’t just have an ace on their staff; they actually had co-aces in Brandon Webb and Dan Haren who could stop the bleeding. Even if the schedule somehow allowed a team to get around of these two pitchers they still had to deal with Doug Davis, Randy Johnson, and Micah Owings. When a team has a stone cold lock hall of famer as their fourth pitcher in the rotation there is just no way they can help but win. Yeah, those are famous last words if I ever heard them.

The Diamondbacks had been beaten and rather soundly the first two games of this series with the Minnesota Twins but Arizona’s fortunes were about to take a huge turn for the better. Today’s game featured former teammates. The Minnesota Twins started former Diamondbacks pitcher Livan Hernandez while Arizona would send ace 1A Brandon Webb to the mound. On paper this game definitely favored the Diamondbacks. After all, we have seen enough of Livan Hernandez to know that given enough time hitters will get to him. Unfortunately for us they don’t play these games on paper. Things started off well enough. The Diamondbacks bats woke up at least temporarily allowing them to score 3 runs in the fourth inning to stake Webb to a 3-0 lead. Considering his dominance this year you just figured that was enough; and it was for about an inning. In the bottom of the fifth Brandon Webb started to struggle. The first four Twins batters hit Webb hard and the Twins were one run back with no outs and runners on first and second. Before the Diamondbacks knew it Minnesota scored 5 runs in the inning and took a 5-3 lead. Diamondbacks fans everywhere sat in shock. The ace that was supposed to put a halt to the losing had himself lost and the Diamondbacks were swept in 3 games to the Twins with an upcoming 3-game series with the Boston Red Sox followed by a 3-game series against the Florida Marlins who had already swept Arizona once this season. This is not good, not good at all.

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