Road Rage

It’s been an interesting year around Major League Baseball, especially the National League. Most of the teams have had a fairly decent home record showing that at least through the first half home field advantage does exist in baseball. Of course everyone having a good home record means that the road records are going to suffer and suffer they do. Going into this weekend only a handful of teams had a record above .500 and the Arizona Diamondbacks are not one of them.

As the Diamondbacks left Chase Field on this latest road trip they had a record of 24-15 at home; on the road that mark dipped to 15-19. Arizona started out the season going 11-3 at home and 9-5 on the road through April. Sadly April seems to be the high point of this baseball season for Diamondbacks fans. After getting such a quick start the team started to falter as the temperatures rose. In May the team accumulated a 8-9 record at Chase Field and 2-8 on the road. Those two lone road wins came in Atlanta during the last week of the month. Diamondbacks fans were eager to turn the calendar page and put the bad memories of May behind them. Unfortunately things aren’t looking much better this month than they did last month. For June the Diamondbacks have a record of 4-3 which is a winning record but just barely. Their road struggles continue having lost 9 out of 13 including being swept twice by Milwaukee and now Minnesota. So after being 12 games over .500 on April 30 the Diamondbacks are now just 2 games over with a record of 39-37. The only consolation is the fact that the rest of the National League West is playing just as bad so for some odd reason the Diamondbacks still find themselves in first place. Unless things turn around quickly that is not going to hold up and Arizona may soon find themselves looking up at the other teams in the standings.

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