State of the Home Stand Address – June 13 – 19

The Arizona Diamondbacks have left the confines of Chase Field and are now being whisked away to Minneapolis Minnesota for the beginning of a 12-game road trip where they will visit the Minnesota Twins, the Boston Red Sox, and the Florida Marlins before returning home on June 30. This means that the current home stand has been completed which means it is time for another episode of the “State of the Home Stand Address” where I try to recap what was the most recent home stand at Chase Field. Just as a reminder, the viewpoints and opinions expressed within this post are my own and in no way are indicative of how others might view the team or Chase Field. This entry covers the three game series against the Kansas City Royals and the three game series against the Oakland Athletics. So without further adieu let’s begin.

The series with the Kansas City Royals started out well enough. Arizona won the first game on a brilliantly pitched game by Doug Davis who threw 7 strong innings allowing only 6 hits and no runs. Double-D also struck out 7 but left to a scoreless game. The relief corps of Chad Qualls, Tony Pena, and Billy Buckner also turned in gems allowing only 1 hit and no walks over three innings. The game went extra innings with Chad Tracy being the hero hitting a home run in the bottom of the tenth to win 1-0. It was exciting and everyone hoped this was the spark that would ignite the Diamondbacks to reel off a winning streak. That wasn’t the case as the next night the Royals stomped on the Diamondbacks 12-3 and followed that up by winning the finale by the score of 8-3. Over this three game series the Diamondbacks were outscored 20-7 to the team that came into Chase Field with the worst record in their division. After a rare off day during a home stand the Diamondbacks welcomed the Oakland Athletics and by welcome I mean they handed them the keys to the city. The opening game of the series saw the Diamondbacks again get thumped this time by the score of 15-1. The Diamondbacks returned the favor beating the A’s 11-1 the next night. The final game of the home stand was similar to the first; a pitcher’s duel with the D-Backs winning this contest 2-1. Although Arizona won the series they were outscored 17-14, not a good sign for the offense.

This home stand saw 5 promotional dates in 6 games. It started with a Friday the 13th fireworks display followed by floppy hat day then Father’s Day ties. Against Oakland there was the monthly D-Bingo and finally Camp Day. Of the giveaways I would rate the Father’s Day ties extremely high. It was a first class gift and one that I heard many positive comments about in the stands. I normally don’t wear a tie but I will make an exception with this one. The only potential drawback was that the Diamondbacks allowed the ticket takers to determine what constituted a Father meaning that there was some inconsistency on who was given a gift depending on which gates you entered. I overheard a few conversations from patrons about the inconsistency but not many.

The stadium continues to be upgraded with new video equipment. Along the main concourse you are seeing more and more of the Sony CRT monitors being replaced with LG LCD widescreen flat panels. The nice thing about the LCD screens is that they are much larger and better resolution making it easier to keep track of the action if you have to leave your seat during the game (I must admit that is a foreign concept to me as I never leave). The Diamondbacks definitely must have scored a sweet quantity discount on these as they definitely bought them in bulk. New signage is starting to appear around the stadium as well as on the video boards. It looks as though the Diamondbacks are getting more active sponsors than they have had in the past from a sign and number of ads perspective.

The never ending spicy mustard saga continues. In these 6 games there was no sign of my favorite condiment at any of the kiosks or food vendors despite me asking for it each night. There was a small mustard scare one night with it appeared not even yellow mustard was available. That problem was short-lived and by the next game mustard had been restored around Chase Field. I had an opportunity to eat at the Lexus Baseball Club during this home stand and I highly recommend that if you get an opportunity. The menu changes almost daily and features many foods not normally associated with a baseball stadium. I had the Chef’s Table which was an all-you-can-eat buffet prepared fresh. The salads and anti-pasta were great and the entrées were amazing. My complements to the Chase Field chefs, that was one of the best meals I had had regardless of where it was at.

While the Diamondbacks were only able to salvage a 3-3 split during this home stand, it was a lot of fun and despite the opponents the crowds were larger than average. Hopefully the team can build upon the small two-game winning streak and put some distance between us and the Dodgers.

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