Ticket Technology

I do have to give the Arizona Diamondbacks credit. They are constantly looking for new ways to enhance the customer’s experience and add value to their product. I am especially impressed with how well they listen to their customers and act upon suggestions or recommendations. As a season ticket holder I have been very happy with many of the changes they have made. Having a dedicated guest relations contact has made it great as I have one person to deal with and they are getting to know me. On the flip side of that I am sure that the person who was assigned to my account is definitely rethinking his career decision and what he could have possibly done to deserve getting someone like me. I didn’t use to think that I was high maintenance but now I am changing my mind. It is not that I require a lot of hand holding, it is just that I somehow have very strange and unusual questions that most representatives have not had to deal with. It has made me much more conscientious to how many requests I make of this already overworked staff.

Besides the dedicated representatives the Diamondbacks have also made other changes which I think are beneficial. The latest one that I received an email about was the new ticket technology that the team has implemented. Now Season Ticket Holders with full season packages can electronically transfer game tickets to another individual who can then print the tickets from home. This is a great feature that eliminates season ticket holders from having to mail the tickets or find some way to connect to pass the tickets along. Granted this technology doesn’t do me too much good as I generally don’t give up my tickets but those times where I might be looking for other tickets and a season ticket holder wants to send them to me this is going to be really handy. I’m not exactly sure what would happen if the recipient wants to send the tickets on to someone else. I am guessing that is not possible since this electronic transfer is for full season ticket holders. That is an interesting point though, maybe I should send an email to my dedicated representative and ask him. I swear if I send that poor person any more email I am going to be identified as a SPAM provider.

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