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Deadline, What Deadline?

July 31st 4 PM Eastern Time should come circled in red on every baseball fan’s calendar; for Diamondbacks fans that would be Sedona Red. This is the day where every fan’s hopes and dreams collide with the reality of what management thinks of their team’s chances of reaching the post season. This is the “non-waiver trade deadline” in Major League Baseball. A lot of people simply refer to this as the trading deadline...

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Practically Perfect in Every Way

I am not sure the electrons even cooled from my post yesterday when I got a text message to go and check out Major League Baseball’s web site. The late breaking story announced that Atlanta Braves first baseman Mark Teixeira had been traded to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in exchange for Angels first baseman Casey Kotchman and pitching prospect Stephen Marek. Just like that the discussion we had yesterday regarding Chad Tracy...

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A Tale of Two Days

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”, when Charles Dickens wrote that line in 1859 he probably had no inclination that he would be quoted in a baseball blog. Well that’s probably a given since I am not sure Charles Dickens even a baseball fan and he definitely had no clue what a blog was. Still, there was never a more apropos quote to describe this time of the baseball season. We are now less than two days...

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That Unit Was Huge!

Yesterday’s game against the San Francisco Giants was an interesting match-up. For the Giants you had Barry Zito who was the marquee pitcher from the free agent class two years ago. Much was made of Mr. Zito and how he would be the staff ace of whatever team he ended up going to. His agent was demanding massive amounts of money and years in order to sign him. At the time there were many Diamondbacks fans who were vocal with their opinions...

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What’s Good for the Goose

This is always a great weekend to be a baseball fan. Not only are all the teams playing and games are going on at all hours of the day but there is also this little get together in New York that reminds us all of what these players and coaches are doing this for. No I am not talking about the Yankees and Red Sox series (which incidentally is being played in Boston not New York). No I am of course speaking of the events in Cooperstown. Today...

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Top 50 Greatest Moments

The Arizona Diamondbacks are currently celebrating their tenth anniversary as a franchise. I know, I know, this is the 11th season they have played but no one would believe me. They kept saying 1998-2008 means 10 years. No one takes the time to stop and count. I am not here to debate whether that is right or wrong; I am just going to remind myself of the first rule of scuba diving, “1. Don’t forget to breathe.” As part of the...

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State of the Home Stand Address – July 18 – 23

The Arizona Diamondbacks have now left Chase Field and are heading to their charter flight to San Francisco where they begin a three game series against the Giants tonight. The team will be on the road for ten games as they make a west coast swing that will see them play the Giants then the San Diego Padres and finally a four game set with the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodgers Stadium before returning to Phoenix the first week in August. With the...

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So You Want To Be a Star

Major League Baseball has been moving more and more into the world of multimedia and interactive entertainment. They are no longer interested in just television and radio revenues. MLB has expanded into the ever burgeoning area of the Internet. They started off fairly modestly offering a web site for the league. Soon they brought each team’s web site under central control managing each brand while allowing the teams to develop their own...

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A Cornucopia of Baseball Storylines

Yesterday happened to be one of those days when just about a million different things occurred that could potentially be a blog entry. We had player transactions, an explosion by the opposing manager, injury news, strange and unusual game experiences, and of course the game. My head is swimming in the minutia and I’m not exactly sure which direction I should go. So rather than attempt to choose one single theme for this entry I decided to...

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