It’s Thursday, it’s a home stand, which must mean that it is another afternoon game at Chase Field. I always knew that there were a lot of Midwestern fans that had relocated to the Phoenix area. This is evident by how quickly the Chicago Cubs sell out their Spring Training games. I think it’s awesome that the Arizona Diamondbacks have picked up on this and are trying to make these fans feel like they are home by scheduling several of their games similarly to the start times at Wrigley Field. About all that is lacking are the ivy walls, the bleacher bums, Waveland Avenue, drunk Cubs fans, and Lake Michigan. Besides those few things it is exactly the same thing; well almost. Afternoon games in the summer are also “Camp Day” at Chase Field. I’ve mentioned this before but for those who are not aware, the Diamondbacks offer discounted tickets to children’s summer camps to bring the kids to the stadium for a baseball game. You can always tell a “Camp Day” game. As you approach the stadium you will see a long line of school buses that are parked along 7th Street. This will be followed by what seems to be an endless single-file line of children all wearing identically colored shirts. The kids are for the most part very well behaved and all sit together in assigned sections. It’s just great to see the stands a little fuller regardless of the ages of those sitting in the seats. They are also a little more vocal than the normal Phoenix baseball fan so that is a plus too. It’s refreshing to hear the sounds of thousands of children all chanting in unison “Let’s go Diamondbacks!”

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