This is indeed one of the darkest days in baseball. Some of that may be attributed to the fact that the final all-star game ever to be played in Yankee Stadium saw a Boston Red Sox player standing on the field receiving the game’s most valuable player award. Some of that may be attributed to the comments made by Bud Selig after the game where he publicly stated that this game would have gone on forever if necessary and that a tie would not have been an acceptable outcome. I wonder how well the Commissioner’s words would echo today in Tampa Bay or Philadelphia if the game had gone 4 or 5 more innings and their teams best pitching chances for making the playoffs were used to the point past exhaustion or lost due to injury? Selig of course would say it was the managers’ fault for not properly using their pitching staff or some such nonsense. He will also point to the fact that all the worrying was for naught since the game ended before any of these scenarios played out.

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