Sometimes the planets just seem to align against you and you can’t seem to buy a break. This was especially the case for me and the Arizona Diamondbacks today. My dilemma and problems began Friday which coincidentally was also the first day that D-Backs also saw the weirdness begin. I had been on vacation and I wasn’t exactly sure whether I was going to be able to attend this weekend’s games. Well that’s not entirely true, I was confident I would make it back but still you have to plan for contingencies. I had therefore arranged for replacement fans to be in my seats just in case I somehow wasn’t in town. This of course leads to a small problem. When you get back into town, these replacement fans are sometimes less than willing to give back the tickets. I can’t really blame them so I decided to make alternative arrangements and get extra tickets rather than ask. For Friday and Saturday this was not a problem. I was able to find appropriate seats and the replacement fans willingly traded with me so that I was sitting in my regular seats. For Sunday’s game I went to the ticket booth fully expecting to do something similar and get a couple of extra lower deck seats. Much to my surprise I was told that the lower deck was completely sold out and there were very few seats available in the Diamond Level. This left me with the only option being the upper deck.

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