Yesterday’s game against the San Francisco Giants was an interesting match-up. For the Giants you had Barry Zito who was the marquee pitcher from the free agent class two years ago. Much was made of Mr. Zito and how he would be the staff ace of whatever team he ended up going to. His agent was demanding massive amounts of money and years in order to sign him. At the time there were many Diamondbacks fans who were vocal with their opinions that Arizona should go after Barry Zito. Instead the Diamondbacks chose to go a different direction and traded for Doug Davis who was then with the Milwaukee Brewers. Fans were left scratching their heads. Members of the Diamondbacks front office I talked to went on and on how Davis’ statistics were a mirror image of those of Zito and that the team was able to slide him into the rotation for a fraction of the cost that Zito was asking for. Turn ahead the clock to 2008 and let’s look at their comparative stats.

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