A National Crisis

The last time I checked the Washington Nationals were at the bottom of the Major League Baseball food chain. They were the owners of the worst record in baseball and were at or near the bottom of most of the major statistical categories that are tracked. If that is the case, can someone please explain to me how is it that the Arizona Diamondbacks who are currently in first place in the National League West can accumulate only 3 hits against this team and lose by the score of 5-0?

The struggles of the Arizona Diamondbacks offense have reached new highs or in this case new lows. Over the first 6 innings the D-Backs had 2 hits and 3 walks for a total of 5 base runners. Arizona hitters have a knack for making the other team’s pitcher look like the leading candidate for the Cy Young Award. It is not like the Diamondbacks even stranded a lot of runners. They had a total of 2 left on base. For the first half of the game Diamondbacks starter Micah Owings looked dominating. Other than the one run he gave up in the second inning things looked like the D-Backs might have a chance. All of that of course changed in the sixth inning with Owings along with reliever Connor Robertson allowed 4 runs to put the game out of reach. The Washington Nationals looked dominating. Even though they only had 6 hits and 3 walks they made the most of their opportunities scoring when necessary to nail down the victory. The Diamondbacks continue to search their roster for someone, make that anyone who can become a spark plug and energize this team and this offense. With each passing day of ineptitude by the hitters it becomes more obvious that in order to reach the 2008 post season the Arizona Diamondbacks are going to need to make a roster change and get someone who can actually hit and score. The young position players continue to struggle and the inconsistency is beginning to drive everyone crazy. Hopefully they can get their act together soon otherwise it is going to be a long second half of the season. On the bright side at least the defense has gotten a little better. There were no errors tonight so that was a plus.

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