Black Wednesday

This is indeed one of the darkest days in baseball. Some of that may be attributed to the fact that the final all-star game ever to be played in Yankee Stadium saw a Boston Red Sox player standing on the field receiving the game’s most valuable player award. Some of that may be attributed to the comments made by Bud Selig after the game where he publicly stated that this game would have gone on forever if necessary and that a tie would not have been an acceptable outcome. I wonder how well the Commissioner’s words would echo today in Tampa Bay or Philadelphia if the game had gone 4 or 5 more innings and their teams best pitching chances for making the playoffs were used to the point past exhaustion or lost due to injury? Selig of course would say it was the managers’ fault for not properly using their pitching staff or some such nonsense. He will also point to the fact that all the worrying was for naught since the game ended before any of these scenarios played out.

But even with all these reasons that is not why it is black Wednesday. No today is aptly named due to the fact that there is absolutely no Major League Baseball being played anywhere. The all-star break begins with the final out of Sunday’s games and continues until the first pitch of Thursday’s contests. Technically, with the exception of the all-star game itself there is no Major League Baseball being played but that is not necessarily true. There are events and activities leading up to the actual all-star game featuring MLB players. Whether we are talking about the charity softball events, the Home Run Derby, or something else there is at least some baseball. But after the conclusion of the all-star game there is absolutely no baseball for a day. The all-star players have left New York and are returning to their respective clubs. Teams are packing up to begin travelling to their next destination for the upcoming series that begin tomorrow and Friday. For one 24 hour period we are left in darkness. Even Minor League Baseball is in a lull. There are a few all-star games being played at the Triple-A or Double-A level but for the most part baseball is shut down. This is not like the winter off-season. Even then you can find some major league player playing for their local team in a Winter League. No this is just flat out dead time for baseball and it is just plain creepy.

So what does a diehard fan do on a day where there is no baseball? Well first he updates his blog where he complains that there is no baseball being played. He also begins to make a list of all the things he needs to do so that if his wife happens to ask him what he is doing without baseball he has an adequate list just in case she wants to slide in a few things from her “Honey Do” list. I am obviously not the only fan that feels this way. Major League Baseball is not completely run by talking monkeys and they understand what it is like. It was therefore great that I got up this morning and found waiting for me an email from MLB. The email recapped what an incredible game we saw last night and how it will go down in history as one of the best mid-summer classics ever played. The email then continued by inviting me to own a piece of the history. Well I am always interested in owning a piece of history. How else do you explain the fact that I have two Chase Field seats in my family room, a piece of Bank One Ballpark hanging on my wall, and an autographed baseball sitting on my desk? Curious I decided to click the link enclosed in the email. I was taken to the MLB auction site where there was a cornucopia of historical items from the 2008 all-star game. There were jerseys, baseballs, and other game type of auctions going on but nothing that really said all-star game. Then I clicked on a link where I was presented with a page of items that you just can’t live without. To commemorate the all-star game being played in New York City at historic Yankee Stadium Major League Baseball commissioned the creation of an 8.5 foot statue of the Statue of Liberty for each team. These statues were used in the Statues on Parade celebration. The statues are now being auctioned off with the proceeds going to the Boys and Girls Club of America. The opening bid on one of these statues is $5,000 with a bid increment of $250. Shipping on the statue is set at $500 within the continental United States. If you don’t live in the continental US you are out of luck as they don’t ship the Statue of Liberty outside the country. I guess only France can ship the statues worldwide. I quickly began imagining what it would be like to have an 8.5 foot Diamondbacks Statue of Liberty in my house. I mean who hasn’t dreamed of having a Sedona Red and Black Statue of Liberty in their living room? That is the kind of thing that just has to increase your property’s value doesn’t it? I immediately begin contemplating what my bid should be. Trina would have to go for this wouldn’t she? After all, it is for a good cause; they are giving the proceeds to charity. As I was gazing at the statue dreaming of where would be the perfect place to put it; Trina walked by and looked over my shoulder. She looked at the statue and she looked at the expression on my face. Her body language immediately changed and the muscles in her face got very tense. “Don’t you even think about it!” she exclaimed in a voice as icy as an Antarctic winter night. Before I could even utter a sound she began in a rant about all of the Diamondbacks merchandise she had to put up with and how our entire house has gone through a metamorphous from purple and teal to Sedona Red, Sonoran Sand, and Black. She paced back and forth proclaiming the grief and ridicule she had to endure whenever anyone entered the house and mistakenly thought they had instead stumbled into a Diamondbacks museum. There was no amount of persuasion I could use to convince her that this was a good idea. So alas, this truly is a black Wednesday. Not only am I going to have to endure 24 hours without baseball but I am going to have to live the rest of my days with the knowledge that I had an opportunity to own a 8.5 foot replica of the Statue of Liberty painted with the Diamondbacks logo and I passed it up. I may never be able to look at my living room the same again. Life can be so cruel sometimes.

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