Carne Asada Sunday?

Sometimes the planets just seem to align against you and you can’t seem to buy a break. This was especially the case for me and the Arizona Diamondbacks today. My dilemma and problems began Friday which coincidentally was also the first day that D-Backs also saw the weirdness begin. I had been on vacation and I wasn’t exactly sure whether I was going to be able to attend this weekend’s games. Well that’s not entirely true, I was confident I would make it back but still you have to plan for contingencies. I had therefore arranged for replacement fans to be in my seats just in case I somehow wasn’t in town. This of course leads to a small problem. When you get back into town, these replacement fans are sometimes less than willing to give back the tickets. I can’t really blame them so I decided to make alternative arrangements and get extra tickets rather than ask. For Friday and Saturday this was not a problem. I was able to find appropriate seats and the replacement fans willingly traded with me so that I was sitting in my regular seats. For Sunday’s game I went to the ticket booth fully expecting to do something similar and get a couple of extra lower deck seats. Much to my surprise I was told that the lower deck was completely sold out and there were very few seats available in the Diamond Level. This left me with the only option being the upper deck.

In 11 years I have never watched a game from the upper deck but I guessed there is a first time for everything. I asked for best available and was told Section 311 Row 12 was the best they had. I said that would be fine and the ticket lady began working the system. Trina leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Isn’t that the section where Rally Sally sits?” All of the blood left my face and I lunged at the glass separating me from the ticket lady.

“STOP!” I yelled. Startled, the ticket lady jumped backwards. I regained my composure and calmly apologized for my sudden outburst. I asked if there was any way that I could change my mind and instead get tickets on the other side of the stadium. I went on to explain that I desperately needed tickets as far away from the flag lady as possible.

“Oh, you mean Rally Sally?” was the ticket lady’s response. “We get that a lot, no problem.”

I wasn’t sure which surprised me more; that the Diamondbacks get requests quite often for fans to be placed as far away from the flag lady as possible or that the ticket lady just called her “Rally Sally”. I thought I was the only one who called her that. Either way, through the quick thinking of my wife I was saved from what could have been the worst day of my freaking life. I cannot even imagine what kind of trouble there would have been if I had to not only watch a game from the upper deck but also watch it while sitting next to that insane Rally Sally.

With tickets in hand I was ready for the game. After the fiasco of yesterday I decided that I better check the promotions schedule and make sure it wasn’t another crazy promotion day. The schedule stated it was Kid’s Rally Cap day. My heart jumped a beat when I read the word Rally and for a brief moment I worried that it was going to be a Rally Sally tribute hat. Fortunately that was not the case and I breathed a sigh of relief. Besides the Kid’s Rally Caps today was also Carne Asada Sunday. What the heck is a Carne Asada Sunday? I went to the Diamondbacks web site and found only a brief description with very little detail. I am not sure but I think it was supposed to be some sort of Mexican food luncheon with the team. But after watching the Diamondbacks give up 5 runs in the ninth inning blowing a 4-1 lead and ultimately losing the game 6-5 I am not sure anyone was in the mood to eat especially spicy Mexican food. About the only good thing was that my friend Andre invited me to join him in the lower level while our sons took the upper deck tickets. I spent the game in Section 112 in the comfort of my seat and not once did they show Rally Sally. It may have been a horrible day and an even worse game but I was at least spared from another encounter with Raldemort. I am a little worried that Andre and I let our kids get that close to evil. We may have scarred them for life.

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