D*B*a*c*k*s M*A*S*H

“Over the course of the first half of the season the Arizona Diamondbacks have been relatively injury free.” Even before the final words of that sentence left my mouth I knew I should never have said that. There are a few things that as a baseball player or fan you never mention. You don’t talk about a no-hitter while it is going on; you never comment on how quickly a game is progressing; and you definitely don’t talk about injuries. There is nothing that will jinx a team quicker than ignoring those three premises. So when I happened to mention the lack of injuries the Diamondbacks had gotten in the first part of the season I should have expected what would happen next.

Over the course of the next two weeks Arizona Diamondbacks players began falling like flies. Eric Byrnes who had been the lone regular on the disabled list returned and within just a few days he re-injured his hamstring and is likely lost for the season. During that same game starting catcher Chris Snyder went down with a left testicular fracture and was placed on the 15-day disabled list. It was thought he might have to have surgery to repair the fracture but he began treatments and progressed to a point where surgery is not necessary. I am not sure what kind of strength training regime is required to rehabilitate a testicle nor do I understand how you measure progress on an injury such as that. I will leave that up to the reader’s imagination to think about the exercises necessary to build stamina after a testicle fracture. Besides Byrnes and Snyder the Diamondbacks also lost RHP Edgar Gonzalez to an elbow injury that may require Tommy John surgery. This appears to be a long-term injury that could keep Gonzalez out of a Diamondbacks uniform not only for the remainder of this season but could also jeopardize part of next year too. Reliever Juan Cruz then left the game a few nights later with an oblique muscle strain sending him to the disabled list. I had hoped that would be an end to the injury bug that had suddenly infected the Diamondbacks clubhouse. Unfortunately it didn’t end there. Tonight right fielder Justin Upton pulled a muscle during batting practice. He was removed from the starting line-up and will likely miss all 3 games of the Philadelphia series. The Diamondbacks hope that the three days of rest in this series coupled with the 4 days of rest from the all-star break will provide Upton with adequate time to heal so that he will not have to be placed on the disabled list. This of course will require the Diamondbacks to play a position player short during his absence. The all-star break cannot come fast enough for the players and training staff of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

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