Hanging Out with Whitney

Those who are regular readers of this blog know that for the most part my members of my family are Diamondbacks and baseball fans. Each of the kids have a keen interest in athletics, well all of them except Whitney. In the past Whitney has had little interest in baseball and even less in the Diamondbacks. I have long ago began calling her my book worm and she refers to me as her father the “sports fanatic”. Don’t get me wrong, I am very proud of Whitney’s intellectual accomplishments. She has an outstanding future ahead of her and I am grateful that when report cards come home she is the one child I never have to worry about. Last night for some odd scheduling reason it was Whitney who went to the game with me.

Whitney doesn’t go to many games. In fact as we got to our seats she said that this was just the second game this season where she had sat in these seats. Most of the other games she attends she is in the upper deck with the other kids for bobble head night or Opening Day. That’s the kind of statement that will break a dad’s heart. Poor Whitney had only been to two games in the lower deck. I wasn’t sure but this may be grounds for child abuse.

Whitney has not really enjoyed herself at Chase Field this season. She is one of the few disgruntled fans that I know. The funny thing is the reason for her unhappiness has nothing to do with the struggles the team is having on the field. No Whitney is extremely ticked off that Blimpie is no longer a vendor at Chase Field. For the first 10 years of the Diamondbacks existence a Blimpie sandwich is the only thing she ever ate. Now this year they are gone and she is definitely not happy about it. She’s also extremely frustrated that the Team Shop does not carry Chap Stick. It is an appalling oversight and she doesn’t understand how this team can claim they are fan-friendly if they don’t even offer Chap Stick. I thought both of these arguments were ridiculous but now Whitney has gotten other members of the family to back her on her complaints. I’m afraid they may start talking to other people in the stands and before long there might be a downward spiral in attendance. Take last night for example; there were only 21,736 fans at Chase Field. That means there were 26,764 empty seats at the stadium. Who knows how many of them were empty because there was no Blimpie or Chap Stick?

Whitney and I were enjoying each other’s company and I was attempting to teach her how to keep score. Although the Diamondbacks were losing we were still having fun. Then in the eighth inning our night was ruined. There on dbTV was none other than Rally Sally standing in the upper deck gyrating with her flags. There is nothing that will ruin a real fan’s day faster than a high definition shot of Rally Sally. “Uh oh, there’s Rally Sally” Whitney said.

“I hate that woman! I don’t even want to hear her name anymore” I replied.

“She is kind of like Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter books.” Whitney said

I stopped to think about it. She had a very legitimate point. Rally Sally is my own personal Lord Voldemort. She is small. She is creepy. And she represents everything that is evil in this world. I definitely had to agree with Whitney on this. From this point forward I think I am going to start referring to Rally Sally as “She who shall not be named” or if I am in a hurry maybe I’ll just call her Raldemort. Now if only I could find a magic wand that would blast her into another dimension I would be all set.

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