How Painful Is This?

I have really hesitated to broach this subject but I decided that I just could not let it go without a few comments. A week ago during the second game of the Milwaukee series the Diamondbacks lost two important pieces to their line-up. The first was Eric Byrnes who during an attempted steal of third base re-injured his hamstring and news today was that Byrnes is likely lost for the season. Doctors have recommended surgery which will have a recovery time of 4-6 months. If Byrnes chooses not to have surgery his rehabilitation time is still listed in months rather than weeks. If that were the only injury the Diamondbacks suffered that night it would have been a huge blow but the Diamondbacks also lost starting catcher Chris Snyder when he took a foul tip during an at-bat.

When the injury occurred you could tell from pretty much all over the stadium that Snyder took the foul off a very delicate part of his anatomy. Guys everywhere cringed at the replay and wished for the best for Snyder. Chris left the field under his own power but did not return for the next inning. After the game manager Bob Melvin was asked about Snyder’s injury. This is where it started to get just a little comical. Melvin in his most serious tone explained that Chris Snyder had taken a ball to the balls and that the injury had caused some swelling. This is why I am not a sports writer. I would never have let that description slide without asking the obvious follow-up question, “When you say swelling, are we talking Viagra type of swelling or some other kind?” And whose job is it exactly to check out this swelling? I sincerely doubt his teammates were offering to check Chris out. Maybe they brought Snyder’s wife in for a consultation, if it were me I would have asked Trina to check it out. Of course if it were me I probably would have asked Trina if she could kiss it better like she does when Dakota scrapes his knee or elbow. That would have probably resulted in me getting smacked yet again for being insensitive.

As if it was not bad enough that Chris would now be subjected by the light-hearted ribbing he would undoubtedly get in the clubhouse, the Diamondbacks had to add insult to injury when they posted the following official transaction to their web site and all major news outlets, “Placed OF Eric Byrnes on the 15-day disabled list with a strained left hamstring; Placed C Chris Snyder on the 15-day disabled list with a left testicular fracture; Purchased the contract of RHP Connor Robertson from Triple-A Tucson; Recalled C Robby Hammock from Triple-A Tucson.” Snyder was diagnosed with a “left testicular fracture”? I had no idea you could fracture a testicle. It got me wondering, when you fracture a testicle do they put it in a little cast? And if they do put it in a cast, do you ask people to sign it? There are just so many things I don’t know about a testicular fracture and it’s not the kind of injury where you can go out and ask people about it. There is of course a bright side to all of this. Chris Snyder now has opened a lot of doors to endorsement deals. Not only can he become the spokesman for testicle safety but he may be in line for a much bigger deal. He could very well become the voice for the weekly Diamondbacks television program, “Playing Hardball”.

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