Sedona Red, White, and Blue

After yesterday’s game it was hard to imagine anything coming close to the level of excitement we had already witnessed. The Diamondbacks hitters had somehow gotten confused and thought that yesterday was Independence Day and lit their own style of fireworks in the ninth inning. There was all kinds of buzz around about the Brewers game and how the Diamondbacks had snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. Today is game one against the visiting San Diego Padres. Everyone was looking forward to this game for a multitude of reasons.

First it was the Fourth of July so there were many activities planned. Since it is brutally hot in Arizona, there are not a whole lot of outdoor activities that take place here for Independence Day. I grew up in a small town that makes the Fourth of July a big deal. There were parades and settler’s breakfasts. There were craft and art street fairs that all led up to a celebration down at the Snake River culminating with a fireworks display. It was somewhat shocking to move to Arizona and find that there are no parades, no outdoor barbeques, and limited fireworks displays. It has been further frustrating since the Diamondbacks have rarely played at home on the fourth leaving us to watch fireworks on television.

This is not the case this year. No, the residents of Phoenix did not suddenly decide to put on a parade nor were there a lot of civic activities that have shown up on the calendar. There is however a Diamondbacks game and that’s the important thing. Major League Baseball is paying tribute to the members of the armed forces and the veterans by celebrating at every game today. There will be special on-field commemorations and messages to those serving our country. Every team will be wearing special hats to commemorate the occasion. The Diamondbacks will be wearing a navy blue hat with the “D” logo on the front. The logo will feature red and white stripes similar to those on the flag. I’ve seen pictures of the hats and I am hoping that the team shop will be selling these. Plans have already been drawn up to be at Chase Field the moment the gates open. I’ll be making a beeline to the team shop hoping that there will be fitted hats for sale. The first 25,000 fans will also be receiving commemorative shirts to celebrate Independence Day with the Diamondbacks. Fox Sports Network is allowing fans to send brief notes of support to the soldiers and will be featuring stories about their dedication to defending our country. After the game the roof to Chase Field will be opened and a fireworks display will be held to celebrate the birth of our nation.

We had planned to take the whole family to the game but when we attempted to get tickets before this home stand started we were told that the game is sold out and there are only a few standing room only tickets available. The kids were not especially excited about standing around without a seat for 9 innings and I wasn’t sure I could justify $6 per person for them to just hang out. Besides, if all of these people stay for the fireworks and I am assuming the majority of them will, there won’t be any way for us to be together as a family to watch them. So Dakota and I will be at the game while Trina, Tiffany, and Whitney will be at home watching on television. On one hand it is great to see the team get that kind of support. On the other hand it would have been nice if we would have been able to be together as a family to celebrate the holiday and watch the team that we love.

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