So You Want To Be a Star

Major League Baseball has been moving more and more into the world of multimedia and interactive entertainment. They are no longer interested in just television and radio revenues. MLB has expanded into the ever burgeoning area of the Internet. They started off fairly modestly offering a web site for the league. Soon they brought each team’s web site under central control managing each brand while allowing the teams to develop their own content. Now there is not just the written content that goes with a web site but it has also been augmented with audio and video providing a very robust user experience for the fan. MLB has concluded that multimedia is capable not only of capturing the interest of the diehard fan but also can be used to bring in the casual fan or even those who have no interest in the game happening between the foul lines. One of their more intriguing concepts is a program they call “The Dish”. Before anyone thinks this is the latest program on The Food Network; let me explain. “The Dish” refers to home plate; plate=dish (cute huh? well my wife thought so).

The concept of “The Dish” was to create sort of an “Entertainment Tonight” for the baseball crowd. Rather than reporting on game results and player transactions; this program attempts to bring out the human nature within the game. According to their marketing, “‘The Dish’ focuses on how baseball and ballplayers interact with movies, television, music and video games. The show features reports from around the big leagues and exclusive interviews with the biggest sports and entertainment stars.”

Recent Webisodes have featured stars such as:

• Academy Award-winning actor Morgan Freeman

• Rock bands Daughtry & Counting Crows

• Yankees captain Derek Jeter

• Yankees Johnny Damon and A-Rod

• The “Piano Man” Billy Joel

• Actor Matthew Broderick

• Pop star KT Tunstall

• Dodgers manager Joe Torre

• Super Bowl winning champion Eli Manning

• music artist John Legend

• Actor/comedian Judah Friedlander

• Track athlete Bruce Jenner

• Writer/director Ron Shelton

• Mets shortstop Jose Reyes

• Former MLB manager Bobby Valentine

• Actress/ Model Molly Simms

• Tennis Superstar Martina Navratilova

• Hall of Famer Bob Cousy

• countless baseball professionals and many many others.

Show details: :

• New Webisodes run every Monday, Wednesday and Friday

• On rotation on Baseball TV

• Length is three to five minutes

• The entire season is available on-demand on and via a free video podcast subscription

Overall it is an entertaining show that brings a new dimension to the game.

This week I received an email from Tyler at GotCast. I get a lot of email and normally I just kind of cruise through it. You cannot imagine how popular I am especially in Nigeria. I get multiple emails every day from people in that country trying to solicit my help in managing the estates of government officials who have met with an untimely death. I also seem to be popular with the drug manufacturers in particular those who produce Viagra. I appreciate their concern with my love life but really, I am doing ok; unless you’ve heard something I haven’t. So when I got an email with the subject of “You Could Be a Star” I was just a little apprehensive. I opened the mail and found that is looking for a fan to be a guest host for “The Dish”.

Finally, someone has discovered me! I knew all those games spent at Chase Field attempting to get on the JumboTron would someday pay off. I immediately started envisioning walking down the Sedona Red carpet as that paparazzi pressed against the velvet ropes hoping to get a shot of me in my Arizona Diamondbacks authentic jersey. Joan Rivers would be reporting live for the E! network commenting not only on my fashion sense but also noticing that I had good posture and was obviously not suffering from osteoporosis. I am not sure how comfortable I am with her showing my bone structure but that is the price of fame. Perhaps my performance on “The Dish” would be so well received that the Diamondbacks would ask me to put my hand and feet impressions in cement outside Gate A for everyone to visit before the game and compare their hand size to mine. This was going to be so cool!

I began reading through the details looking for when they wanted me to start and wondering whether I would need a photographer to take 8×10 head shots that I could give to the producers and also to use for autographs. I read and re-read the email and the accompanying link. Nowhere did it tell me where I should report or when my path to stardom would begin. In fact it was quite the opposite. It seems that “The Dish” was not looking specifically for me. Instead they are having an open casting call for all fans age 18-100. This is an opportunity to anyone to be a star and become a guest host on the show. They even provided a link so that you could enter this casting call. All of my hopes and dreams were crushed like a Micah Owings fastball. No Joan Rivers, no paparazzi, no Sedona Red carpet. Well maybe Sedona Red carpet if I can somehow talk Trina into replacing the carpet in our house. She has to go for that doesn’t she? It’s the least she can do after I got the news that I’m not going to be on “The Dish”. Well if I can’t be chosen then the next best thing I can do is pass along the Casting Call details. This call will be open until August 21 so don’t hesitate; go sign up. Maybe you can talk them into interviewing a Diamondbacks player and I can stand in the background and wave. That may be the closest I am ever going to get to being on “The Dish”.

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