What the?

This game looked like another one of those contests that will have you reaching for the Rogaine. After last night where the Diamondbacks were able to amass only 3 hits, tonight’s game seemed to be following suit. Over the first 7 innings the Diamondbacks were only able to accumulate 6 hits. What was a little better than last night was at least those hits resulted in 2 runs giving the Diamondbacks a 2-0 lead. With Dan Haren on the mound that should be enough for a Diamondbacks victory. Well like so many times before the Diamondbacks have found new and interesting ways to prove me wrong.

After throwing 8 masterful innings Dan Haren came in for the ninth inning and put base runners on. Manager Bob Melvin sensed his starter had given his all and went to the bullpen bringing in closer Brandon Lyon. Lyon had struggled a little lately but bore down when it counted and usually got the save. Tonight was a little different. He pitched the ninth inning and struck out one but before the inning was over he allowed the tying run to score to blow the save. This meant that the Diamondbacks would go extra innings. In the top of the tenth inning Arizona erupted, that may be a strong adjective but I am not sure how else to describe scoring 3 runs in 1 inning after scoring only 2 runs in the previous 16 innings. This gave Arizona a 5-2 lead going into the bottom of the tenth. The Diamondbacks brought in Tony Pena to record the save. I have long been a proponent of Tony Pena being the closer so this was music to my ears. I quickly became tone deaf when Pena gave up 4 hits and 3 runs in just 1/3 of an innings work to allow the Nationals to tie the game 5-5. Bob Melvin removed Pena from the game and Chad Qualls came in. Given Qualls recent meltdowns, my confidence was at an all-time low here. Rather than the normal Qualls outing where base runners nearly outnumbered the fans, Qualls was dominating allowing only 1 walk in nearly 2 innings of work. The top of the eleventh inning Arizona scored another two runs bringing the game total to 7. This was more runs than they scored in the previous 4 games combined. Qualls completed the game to get the win. It was a wild 11 inning affair but it ended up in a victory so we should be happy right? Well not exactly. The inconsistency of the offense is now being built upon by poor defense. Third baseman Mark Reynolds was not content being in the top 5 for strikeouts he also wanted to add another note to his resume. Reynolds committed 3 errors in this game to bring his total to 19 for the year which puts him in the lead in that category too. I guess this comes with the territory when you have young players with limited major league experience. One thing about it, watching a Diamondbacks game is never boring.

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