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Preparing for the Storm

Going into the series with the Los Angeles Dodgers I had such high hopes. The Dodgers were playing some of the worst baseball I had seen all season. They came in having lost all seven games of the current road trip. They had been swept by the Philadelphia Phillies which you could somewhat explain but they had also been swept by the Washington Nationals where were the worst team in all of Major League Baseball. The first game of the series had...

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Do You Like My Hat?

I generally do not pay much attention to the Diamondbacks promotional schedule unless of course we are talking about bobble heads. I can give you the dates of each one of those giveaways (by the way the final one is September 13 for the Dan Haren bobble head). I don’t have to keep trace of the promotions; my kids do a more than adequate job of it. At the beginning of each season we go over the Diamondbacks schedule with a fine tooth comb....

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Dead Tired

All the hype to this series touted that it would be a match-up between the top two teams in the National League West to decide who would have the upper-hand down the stretch run for the divisional title. Before the season began these two teams were picked to duke it out in what was expected to be the most difficult division in baseball. Instead what we have are two teams that look exhausted. They are both coming off road series against last...

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Dreams Swept Away

When the San Diego Padres visited Chase Field last week I was really hoping to be able to take 2 of 3 games and win the series. When the Diamondbacks swept the Padres my confidence swelled. With the Dodgers struggling and losing all of their games during their current road trip I thought that this was the time for the Arizona Diamondbacks to nail the lid to the coffin shut and take control of their play-off destiny. All it would take would be...

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Not Again!

When the Arizona Diamondbacks traded for Randy Johnson prior to the 2007 season everyone wondered why. They felt as though Johnson was in the twilight of his career and many questioned whether he had anything left in the tank. This appeared to be a sentimental trade to allow a player to retire with the club where he had the most success. Randy kept alluding to the fact that he wanted to continue to pitch and he felt that he could help this...

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For the past several seasons the Arizona Diamondbacks have struggled with attendance especially in the upper deck along the first and third base lines beyond the bag. Sure we have all heard that attendance is actually on the upswing and that this year the team is on pace to increase again but it is still somewhat disconcerting to look up and see all of the empty seats during the game. I am especially interested in getting more people in the...

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State of the Home Stand Address – August 19-24

After yesterday’s game the Arizona Diamondbacks packed up and headed to San Diego for a brief 3 game road trip. They will return home on Thursday to begin preparing for a 6 game home stand which includes the final home series with the Los Angeles Dodgers next weekend. This means it is time once again for the next edition of “State of the Home Stand Address” where I give a fan’s perspective of how the games went during...

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Stitch and Pitch?

There are certain things that absolutely scare me in life. Those would include things such as the Arizona Diamondbacks being realigned into the American League and me having to accept the Designated Hitter; my wife standing behind the door leaping out questioning why I made my latest purchase at the Diamondbacks team shop; and clowns. These fears are very real and I have had to learn to deal with them. I thought that was an exhaustive list but...

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