There are not many things that make a baseball fan’s heart race quite like a perfect game. I remember as though it were yesterday the events of May 18, 2004 when Randy Johnson took the mound for the Arizona Diamondbacks and threw the 17th and last perfect game in baseball. Each pitch seemed to build upon the last one as Johnson completely baffled the Atlanta Braves hitters. It started with the Braves shortstop Jesse Garcia and ended 27 hitters later when Johnson retired pinch hitter Eddie Perez. Catcher Robby Hammock had the pleasure of seeing each and every pitch and when the final out was recorded he rushed to the mound to celebrate with the Big Unit. It was a sight that was second only to scoring the winning run in the 2001 World Series in Diamondbacks history. I remember turning to my wife as we watched the game and saying how I would love to see a perfect game in person sometime in my life. Little did I realize what I was saying.

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