With the loss of Orlando Hudson for the rest of the season everyone was curious what the Arizona Diamondbacks might do. Losing a team leader is hard enough but when that leader also is a gold glove fielder and one of the most consistent hitters on the team that loss is magnified. Things are further complicated by the fact that the Arizona Diamondbacks traded away Emilio Bonifacio who had been designated as their second baseman of the future. Bonifacio was the primary chip used in the trade that brought Jon Rauch to the Diamondbacks. Many of the media outlets have wondered whether the Diamondbacks are second-guessing that deal now that they are without an everyday second baseman. Personally I think the deal still made sense. While Bonifacio was indeed one of the fastest players I have ever seen, his plate discipline was lacking and I have doubts that he can have a high enough on-base percentage to take advantage of that speed. I also question whether he has the mental focus to become a premier defender up the middle. Rauch on the other hand has had very good success in the bullpen and provides the Diamondbacks with an option as closer should they be unable to come to terms with Brandon Lyon when he becomes a free agent after this season. Debating the merits of that trade does little to solve the current issue the Diamondbacks are facing. So what would Arizona’s response be?

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