Dinner and a Movie

Recently I received a post card in the mail. That in itself is pretty much a big deal. In this day and age you rarely find anyone willing to take the time to write a post card let alone go out and get a stamp and try and find a post office to mail the thing. I remember as a kid when my parents would go out of town on a trip, they would always send us a post card. I am sure the sentiment was to tell us that they were thinking of us while they were having fun. Looking back at it, that was kind of mean sending us a card of some exotic destination while we’re stuck at home with an evil babysitter whose whole goal in life is to break our very spirit and will to live. Ok I exaggerated the destinations were not that exotic on the post cards. Given my past experiences with postcards, you would not think I would be excited to get one but I was; especially this one.

The post card came from the Arizona Diamondbacks. At first I thought, oh how nice the team is in Houston and they took the time to send me a card to let me know that they wished I was there with them. Yeah that wasn’t it. This one came from the Diamondbacks Season Ticket Services department. They wanted to let me know that they would be having “Movie Night at Chase Field”. This of course intrigued me.

With the Diamondbacks out of town on a road trip the Diamondbacks were opening up Chase Field to the Season Ticket holders. They would have discounted concessions and allow you to sit anywhere in the stadium (in the stands not on the field). They would be showing the movie “Field of Dreams” on the new high definition dbTV screen. What an awesome idea! How in the world could anyone pass up an opportunity like this? I was definitely going to have to attend this event.

Reading through the post card I noticed that the invitation was for 1 person per ticket on my season ticket account. Since I had 2 seats that meant that I would be about to take Trina with me. I immediately called her and asked if she would like to go out to a movie. Any time I call my wife and suggest that we spend time together that does not include baseball I have to worry. She has a weak heart and news that I am doing something outside of baseball could cause her to have a heart attack at least that is what she keeps telling me. She was very excited. I should probably note here that I didn’t think to mention the fact that the movie was in fact at Chase Field or that it was “Field of Dreams” which is about baseball. I was just proud of myself to actually think to take my wife to the movies.

After getting off the phone I talked to the kids and showed them the post card. At first they worried about what Trina was going to do when she found out that I had somehow misled her to once again spend another night at Chase Field. Then after going through that scenario they all wanted to know why they didn’t get to go. I didn’t have an answer for that so I sent an email to the Diamondbacks asking that exact question. Luis in the season ticket office replied back nearly immediately saying that the whole family was invited. Now I had 4 very excited kids who were now preparing for a trip to the movies, at Chase Field. I should probably also note that now that they were going to the movies too they didn’t see the need to tell Trina that we would be going to Chase Field either. I didn’t realize that they were going to claim plausible deniability when we arrived at the stadium. Trina was confused and somehow seemed to thing I had deceived her in some way. I fully expected my kids to come to my rescue but instead they feigned outrage and sided with their mother leaving me as the bad guy. How exactly does that work?

We made our way into the stadium and on our way to the seats we stopped to purchase hot dogs, popcorn, and soft drinks. How could Trina possibly be mad at me after all I took her out to dinner and took her to the movies? I even got her some of the best seats in the house. We sat above the visitor’s dugout; these seats would have cost us an arm and a leg during the game. Did I get credit for being such a thoughtful husband? No.

The movie was amazing. Although I have seen in numerous times, there is nothing quite like watching “Field of Dreams” from the seats of a baseball stadium shown above the darkened field of a major league playing surface. At any moment I expected to see Joe Jackson emerge from the bullpen and take his position in left field. It was almost enough to give you goose bumps. I sat there enthralled with the movie hanging on every scene. Trina and the kids likewise enjoyed the movie and as we made our way out of the stadium they all commented at how much fun it was.

I hope that the Arizona Diamondbacks will do this again. Although the crowd was not large, those that were there seemed to enjoy themselves. This would be the perfect thing to do after the season is over to invite Season Ticket Holders to come down and select their seat for 2009. The stadium could be opened prior to the movie for seat selection then end with you watching a movie from your new seats. Now that would be awesome!

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