Hanging Onto the Ledge

You would think that going 4-2 on a road trip would be cause for celebration. The goal of every team is to win each series that they play. If you could somehow do that over the course of a season you would end up with right around 108 wins more than enough to get you to the play-offs. Considering how much the Arizona Diamondbacks have been struggling over the last three months fans should be absolutely ecstatic. Instead, all I am hearing lately is doom and gloom surrounding this team.

I think a lot of this fear and paranoia is a result of inconsistency. During the first month of the season Diamondbacks fans were spoiled by the nightly power displays that this young team exhibited. When the offense is running on full cylinders and the starting pitching does what it is capable of doing, there are very few teams that can stack up to the Diamondbacks. Unfortunately, after April the hitting has been streaky at best. There have been nights where they hit the cover off the ball but for most of May, June, and July the bats went into hibernation. For nearly 8 weeks the Diamondbacks went without getting anywhere near 10 hits in a ballgame.

For this reason the Diamondbacks deviated from their game plan slightly and traded away some of their talent in order to obtain a hitter that could help them down the stretch. Adam Dunn has already paid dividends even though he has not hit a home run since joining Arizona. He has gotten on base which has helped the Diamondbacks put more pressure on the opposing pitcher.

The other problem that the Diamondbacks are facing is the fact that they were not the only team to go out and help themselves through the trade market. The second-place Los Angeles Dodgers made a deal for Manny Ramirez who has come to the National League and been on fire. He has livened up the Dodgers line-up and provided protection to the other hitters around him. As a result Los Angeles has been consistently winning and Diamondbacks fans have watched as their team’s lead in the National League Western Division has slowly dwindled.

Today Arizona fans woke up to see their team in a virtual tie with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Considering the loss yesterday to the Astros and the Diamondbacks only able to get 2 hits the entire game, no one is feeling at all comfortable with the way this season is playing out. For the next 6 weeks NL West fans everywhere will be sitting on the edge of their seats praying that their team can somehow catch lightning in a bottle and win this division. I’m afraid there are going to be a lot of people ready to jump off the ledge at a moment’s notice with the teams bunched up this closely.

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