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I love my Chase Field seats. No not the ones I have installed in my house although I do love those. The problem with the seats in my house is that they come with a lot of baggage; namely the eternal fight I have with Trina as to whether these stadium seats are appropriate home furnishings. I know, it is a strange notion that somehow Major League Baseball stadium seats may not be appropriate chairs for your living room. And don’t even think about suggesting that we buy 6 more to serve as dining room chairs. I mean really what would be wrong with that. They are plastic so you could hose them down if they get dirty, the fold up when not in use, they have the Diamondbacks logo integrated into the side of them, and they come with their own cup holders. If you ask me, stadium seats are the perfect home furnishing. The one problem is no one ever asks me.

Today I am talking about the seats we have that are actually located at Chase Field. Each year I look forward to the season starting because each year I move around to different seats within the stadium. I am a firm believer in seat relocation. I think of myself as an old west pioneer travelling west in search of wide open spaces and beautiful views of the landscape or in this case playing field. I’ll turn in my list of 40-50 seat choices (I know technically they ask for 2-3 alternates but I have a cool spreadsheet that will take 40-50 choices so why let it go to waste?) and then hope for the best. I am sure the Season Ticket Services team probably dreads my relocation package arriving as it makes their jobs so difficult but what can I say, it’s just me.

Once I settle on a seat location for the season I am there. We’ll usually arrive at the stadium during batting practice and once I sit down I never leave my seat. I am planted there with the exception of getting up to cheer or to participate in the seventh inning stretch. It doesn’t matter whether the game goes 9 innings or 18 innings I am there for the duration.

There have been times when we’ve been invited to attend functions at the ballpark that will take us away from our normal seats. We were once invited to the Owner’s Suite to watch a game and another time we were invited to watch a game from the Leslie’s Pool Zone. In each instance I debated long and hard as to whether I wanted to accept these generous offers. For some odd reason I always feel disloyal if I am not in my regular seats for every game.

Today was a prime example. Prior to the game I received a phone call from my younger brother asking if I would be interested in taking his seats to the Diamondbacks game for tonight. I immediately wanted to graciously decline as I was already going to the game and planned on sitting in Section 112 Row 8. My brother explained that these were his company’s seats and were in the second row above the dugout. As you may know, my ultimate goal is to have season tickets above the dugout which if that ever occurs will mark the end of the world as we know it and I can die having completed my lifelong goal.

This was definitely a dilemma. Do I take my brother’s tickets and fantasize what it would be like to have these tickets on a regular basis or do I pass up the generous offer and stay in Section 112 Row 8. On the surface this seems like a no-brainer decision. Grab the upgraded seats and enjoy the game, right? But what would happen to my seats if I did that? Would they stay empty and would I be letting down the fans in Section 112 if I abandoned them for one game? I was not sure I was willing to deal with that kind of guilt.

I considered calling around to see if anyone would want to take my seats so that at least they would not go unused. The problem is that I am fairly specific when it comes to who uses my tickets. There is typically a multi-round interview process that I like to conduct to make sure that my seats are being utilized by an appropriate fan. After all, I don’t want some Padres fan stinking up my seat. I made several phone calls and did countless interviews but I could not settle on an appropriate proxy fan to stand in for me. It looked as though I was going to be passing on my dream tickets.

Finally, Trina stepped in and made a management decision. We would watch tonight’s game above the dugout but I would sit in my seats up until first pitch. I would also personally apologize to the fans around me in Section 112 for abandoning them for nine innings. I would also notify Katie our usher where I would be sitting during the game in case she got worried that I was not there and called 911 to report a missing person. It seemed like the most logical thing to do. Ok maybe not the most logical but to my demented brain I was cool with it so that I could at least enjoy the game rather than constantly checking Section 112 wondering who was sitting in my seats.

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