Short Hops and the Psychic Hotline

With the Arizona Diamondbacks in Colorado to play the Rockies things are a little crazy around here. When the Diamondbacks are in town my life is fairly simple. I go to work, I come home from work, I put on my Diamondbacks jersey, I grab my seat cushion, I go to Chase Field. Like is good. When the team is out of town things get kind of messy. I still go to work, I still come home from work, I still put on my Diamondbacks jersey, then I am completely at a loss. I wander around the house staring at my seat cushion then the calendar then the television then back to the seat cushion. Trina of course is no help whatsoever as she is constantly reminding me that the Diamondbacks are out of town and that I promised I would get to the “Honey-Do” list. This of course makes me even more frantic as I stare at my seat cushion then the calendar then the television then back to the seat cushion. After about 30 minutes of that Trina usually gives up and walks away leaving me in my confused state.

I will usually at some point exit this trance and flip on the television to watch the Diamondbacks game and wish that I was somehow in Colorado (or wherever the team is currently at). This is usually accompanied with a lot of sighing and sad puppy-dog eyes which do not appear to help in any way but does add to the overall effect. While I like the coverage that Fox Sports Arizona does on the Diamondbacks broadcasts it’s still not the same as being at the game in person. Not enough people understand that yet otherwise the stands would be much fuller at Chase Field and FSN would not be patting themselves on the back for setting yet another record for number of households watching the game.

Today like many previous games I began by complaining that the game was yet again in standard definition. I still don’t understand why the home games are broadcast in high definition while most of the away games are still in standard definition. I would think that just the opposite would have been true since I would think that the goal is to get people to the ballpark rather than sitting on their couches.

During today’s game the Diamondbacks overcame the problems they had last night beating the Colorado Rockies 6-2 and winning the series. Much of the credit for this win can be put on Diamondbacks starting pitcher Dan Haren who pitched another great game. It appears that the struggles he had in his previous couple of starts are gone and he was once again very dominating in the eight innings he pitched where he allowed only 7 hits and 2 runs. Offensively Stephen Drew continued his hitting streak which is now at 16 games.

This game also contained a couple of milestones. With the win, manager Bob Melvin became the all-time winningest manager in Arizona Diamondbacks history. This game marked his 304th win as the skipper and moved him past Bob Brenly into first place. Melvin rarely gets credit for his managerial skills. Much of that is a result of Bob himself focusing on the players rather than himself. Even after this accomplishment Melvin gave credit to the General Manager, his coaching staff, and of course the players. Congratulations Bob Melvin, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

The other milestone came in the fifth inning when utility man Chris Burke hit his first home run of the season. Going into the game Burke was hitting just .196 but got into a Glendon Rusch pitch. It had been 166 at-bats since Burke’s last homer and was completely unexpected to everyone. Everyone that is except newly acquired Adam Dunn who called the shot just as Burke entered the batter’s box. When the Diamondbacks brought Dunn to the team they thought they were getting a power hitting outfielder who could drive in runs. What they didn’t expect to get was a budding psychic. Who knows maybe this is the beginning of a whole new career for Adam Dunn. He can call home runs and find lost puppies.

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