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The Relocation Blues

I have been eagerly anticipating this day for almost a week. It is one of the few bright spots of the off-season. I’m talking of course about Seat Re-location Day at Chase Field. This is an opportunity for me to once again go inside Chase Field and look around. It also provides me with a chance to select where I will be sitting for the upcoming season. For fans who go to games infrequently this probably seems like a foreign concept. After...

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What About Gonzo?

After the 1998 season the Arizona Diamondbacks front office decided to accelerate the plans they had for creating a winning franchise. They waded into the free agent pool to sign several players who would become critical pieces of the 2001 World Series championship team. The Diamondbacks weren’t just focused on free agents. They also made several personnel changes through trades. Most of these trades were fairly even but there was one in...

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Coaching Continuity

When the regular season ended the Arizona Diamondbacks found themselves at home watching as the Los Angeles Dodgers prepared to meet the Chicago Cubs in the National League Divisional Series. Arizona finished in second place having won 8 games less in 2008 than they did in 2007. They had gone from a team having the best record in the National League to one that barely finished 2 games over .500. Considering that this young team had another year...

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An Incredible Finish

When the American League Championship Series began I didn’t hold out much hope for a good series. Although the Tampa Bay Rays had the better regular season record, the Boston Red Sox had the momentum and the experience that I felt they would triumph over the series. After Game 1 of that series I felt confident that my prediction was accurate. Then something strange happened. In Game 2 of this series Tampa Bay showed resilience and...

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My Appointment with Destiny

It’s been five days since I turned in my seat relocation forms and I am eagerly waiting to hear when the relocation process will begin. The process has been fairly hands-off in the past. I would turn in the forms then after a predetermined time period I would receive notification of whether my relocation had been successful. It was always a nerve wracking time sitting and waiting to hear where my seats would be located for the upcoming...

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The Return of Randy?

Prior to the last game of the season, Randy Johnson approached manager Bob Melvin and told him he could throw the pitch count out the window. Randy planned on doing whatever it took to win his final start of the season. Once again the Diamondbacks struggled offensively and it looked like the Big Unit might find himself the recipient of no run support. The Arizona hitters were finally able to eek out a couple of runs late in the game to preserve...

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What Might Have Been

Last night I sat down to watch game 5 of the National League Championship Series. I did so with equal parts of enthusiasm and trepidation. On the one hand as an Arizona Diamondbacks fan I wanted nothing better than to see the Philadelphia Phillies crush the Dodgers and put them out of the play-offs. Since the Dodgers had taken the post season spot earmarked for the Arizona Diamondbacks since April 4, every day they remained in the play-offs was...

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It’s the Great Pumpkin Time

It’s funny; when you get up in the morning you have some preconceived notion of what you are going to be doing on that day. Since it is the off-season and there are no more Diamondbacks games this usually means that I get up in the morning trying to think of new ways that I will be able to escape from the evil clutches of the “honey-do” list that Trina has been compiling since before Spring Training. It’s a lot of work...

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Knuckleball or Knucklehead?

I was really looking forward to tonight’s American League Championship Series game between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Boston Red Sox. Not because I am a big fan of either team but because I am fascinated with the knuckleball. Tonight was game 4 of the ALCS and it featured a match-up between Andy Sonnanstine from Tampa Bay against Tim Wakefield pitching for Boston. Sonnanstine is a second-year pitcher with a good fastball and looks to...

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