I’m So Sorry Linda

Today is an extremely important day. One could make the argument that it is one of the top five most important days in history. No I am not talking about Columbus Day. I’m not a big fan of Columbus. Seriously all the dude did was get lost, not ask for directions and stumble upon a really cool destination. If we are going to use that as criteria for a holiday then I should get a whole month named after me; I’m always lost. No there are a lot more historic things than that today.

I’m of course talking about the Arizona Diamondbacks 2009 Seat Relocation deadline. Today is the day that Diamondbacks Season Ticket holders must return their forms to be entered into the 2009 seat relocation extravaganza. Ok maybe not extravaganza but at the very least you have to call it an epic party.

According to the relocation package we have until today to return our forms in order to be eligible to have our season tickets potentially moved to another location in the ballpark. This is of course extremely important to me. After all, this is the first step to knowing where I will be spending 83 days a year during 2009. I can assure you I don’t take this lightly. In fact, you could say I am obsessed with the whole seat relocation process. I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed but I have heard several people describe it in those terms. I’ve been working for days on getting ready for this day and I had my relocation package ready to go.

The bottom of my relocation form said that I could mail the form to the Arizona Diamondbacks, fax it or hand deliver it. What about electronic delivery? I figured this was just an oversight so I turned the form into an electronic document complete with fields that could be filled out. I even went so far as to scan in my signature to be official. I took the new electronic format and mailed it to the Diamondbacks. Not wanting to take any chances I also faxed the form this morning. Then I was worried that the fax did not go through so I faxed it again this afternoon. Finally I put a copy of the form in the mail. I tried to talk Trina into hand delivering another copy to the Diamondbacks office but she absolutely refused. Sometimes I just don’t get women. She obviously does not understand how important this is to our future.

With each form I had instructions asking that an Arizona Diamondbacks representative please contact me and let me know that they received my relocation form. Until I get a confirmation I am going to be completely stressed out. One previous year my form somehow was lost which nearly sent me to the suicide hotline. That was definitely not something that I ever wanted to go through again. So now that the forms are turned in (multiple times), I was left to wait.

When I was in high school I happened to be dating two girls. Looking back that probably wasn’t the smartest decision I ever made in my life. At the time I thought I was a genius but that notion quickly faded once the girls found out about each other. During this dating adventure I made a few mistakes but nothing that seemed too egregious; well except this once. First let me preface this with an admission that dating two girls is a lot harder than it looks on paper. I would rate it right up there with hitting a split finger fastball.

One day while I was juggling the social calendars of both girls I made a slight mistake. I happened to be out with girl one and as I dropped her off from our date I promised to call her when I got home. For whatever reason my brain lost focus somewhere between the good-night kiss and the time I got home. I remembered that I needed to make a phone call but somehow I thought I was to call girl 2 not girl 1. Girl 2 never let on that it was not her I was supposed to call. I should have figured something was up when she sounded so excited to hear from me but I didn’t. Throughout that conversation it never dawned on me that I was talking to the wrong girl. Instead I figured everything was just progressing normally. I hung up thinking that I had fulfilled my obligation. Several days went by and I was just cruising along not realizing that I had completely blown off girl 1. When I finally got back together with her I couldn’t understand why she was so ticked off and even though that happened over 20 years ago it took until today for me to fully understand what in the world she was talking about.

I sat by the phone and by my computer checking email every 5 seconds and praying that the phone would ring. After all, when I turned in my relocation forms all I asked was for someone to give me a call or send me an email when they got home. But hour after hour I sat and waited wondering what was happening. I thought we had a great time together and I thought that the Diamondbacks were as serious about our relationship as I was. So why weren’t they calling? My family asked me to go out to eat but I couldn’t, what if the Diamondbacks called while I was gone? No I need to say by the phone because they promised. After a few hours I started to get tired. I was a little depressed thinking that I had been forgotten. How could I care so much for someone? It was like my heart was breaking. I decided to check my email one last time. I clicked on the get mail button and a new message appeared in my in-box.

Hi Jeff,

We received your form. Thanks and look forward to seeing you next week.

My heart immediately started to flutter. They really do care about me. Now I am all excited knowing we have a date next week. This experience did teach me a valuable lesson. I’m really sorry Linda, I should have called and I was a jerk. Oh and as for girl 2? A few years later I married her and we’ve been together ever since.


  1. I am certainly glad you called the right girl back then!! Funny how that works out sometimes! I am hoping your seating selection goes as nicely!

  2. That is a great sorry all around 🙂

    Good Luck on the seating and Glad to hear Girl #2 worked out so well 🙂

    side note: Wonder why Girl #2 didn’t catch on during the call; guess you played it well and didn’t talk about the night out

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